WooCommerce Price Labeller – ideal to boost sales

Price Labeller is a WordPress plugin which gives you the ability to manage your price text in your WooCommerce store. Price Labeller is a fully displayed WordPress plugin which is very easy to install and use.

This plugin is the ideal one to boost the sales. Why? It’s because with this particular plugin, you are able to provide the products accessibility details to your customers. Your customers will not have a hard time searching for the product’s details thus improving customer experience on their visit.

This WordPress plugin gives you full control over your price text throughout your WooCommerce store. It enables you to improve your prices to not only a number. Utilize it to enhance sales, provide more information about a product’s accessibility, or set as a call to action when there’s no price available.

When you have something to change with the price or other information of the product, you don’t have to go through the codes and make changes, you only need to use this plugin.

Labels can include HTML so you have total control of format, design and incorporate links like a contact form. Price Labeller also offers a bulk enhancing tool for quickly transforming multiple products.

So if you have to change prices of all products, you don’t have to change one by one. If you have WooCommerce site that needs improvement, this plugin might be the thing you need. So go get it quickly and customize your price to sell more variety of products.

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