Why Your Company Needs a New Logo

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A logo is important for any establishment whether your business is brick and mortar or online-based. It’s integral for your business’ branding. It creates an overall look of stability and authority that will set your business apart from competitors. An effective logo can make your company look like a “rising star in the industry” rather than a “small time start-up company” to customers.

Logos of start-up businesses are often overlooked compared to the established ones.But as businesses continue to thrive and move past the “newbie” stage, change is to be expected.  Usually change includes the smallest things like the logo. If you’re thinking about bringing your business to the next level, then check out these 4 reasons why you need to change your company logo now.

  1. Logo revamp- As mentioned above, change is constant especially for growing businesses. Constant brand reinvention is one of the keys to be able to stand out from competitors. What most start-ups do and are guilty of relying logo revisions to amateur designers. And the final outcome doesn’t do much as the first logo. Worse, it’s an additional wasted cost.Since a logo is a big part of a company’s brand, it’s usually one of the things that are commonly altered whenever a company tries to refresh their brand identity.  Some of the most popular companies that changed their logo for branding purposes are Pepsi, Walmart, and Ebay.
  1. Versatility across different media platforms- If your logo looks unrecognizable when printed in a smaller size or in black and white, then maybe it’s time to create a simpler and more memorable version. Create one that looks simple but captivating. One that will look great in whatever color and size.
  1. Rebranding- A logo is created to give an identity to a brand– especially in the cut-throat industry of marketing. If your current logo ceases to represent your business and what it’s about, then maybe it’s time for a change.
  1. Increased brand awareness- this is perhaps the main objective of every single marketing and branding effort in existence. Since your logo is part of your branding, then it should work towards the same goal. Your logo must attract more customers to your business. It must be recognizable – something that will make your client recall your brand wherever they go.

Admittedly, it will take a lot more than just changing a brand logo to attract customers to your business. But it is one step to reaching your branding goal that will subsequently pave the way for your business to get more customers.

As a growing company, revamps and overhauls are essential. And if you’re constantly reinventing yourself as a business, then it’s best to look back at your logo and weigh if it’s still serving its purpose. If it’s falling short of what it should provide, then it’s time to create a new logo.

Changing the logo can be a huge step for the brand, but in a lot of cases, logo changes proved to be one of the best branding strategies that a lot of big brands went through. Take Verizon, KFC, and Coors Light for example, their logo changes definitely were some of the most notable and successful yet. It worked for them, then why shouldn’t it for you?

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