The Top 7 Web Browser Extensions for Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

The right web browser extensions can make a world of difference in your search engine optimization (SEO) activities. Whether you’re performing on-page or off-page SEO, you’ll probably use a web browser. A web browser offers an interface for viewing, as well as controlling, web pages. There are certain web browser extensions, however, that can help you optimize your website for search engine traffic.

PageSpeed Insights

Speed is a ranking factor for most search engines. Visitors won’t wait forever for your website to load. If a web page is taking a very long time to load, they may abandon it by leaving your website altogether. Because of the correlation between speed and user experience, search engines reward fast websites with higher rankings and punish slow websites with lower rankings. With the PageSpeed Insights extension, you can easily check your website’s speed.

PageSpeed Insights is a free speed-testing tool developed by Google. It’s designed to measure several speed metrics for web pages, including First Contentful Paint (CFP), Largest Contentful Paint (LCP), Cumulative Layout Shift (CLS),  Time to Interactive (TTI) and more. After downloading and enabling the PageSpeed Insights extension, you’ll find a new button added to your web browser. Clicking this button will run these speed tests on the web page that you are currently viewing.

Ahrefs SEO Toolbar

You should consider using the Ahrefs SEO Toolbar extension. It offers a suite of features that can help you perform SEO. Ahrefs SEO Toolbar will generate a comprehensive SEO report for any web page. Using this popular extension, you can create SEO reports for your website’s pages or those of your competitors.

In addition to SEO reports, Ahrefs SEO Toolbar can provide keyword data. It can reveal how much search volume your website’s target keywords generate and how difficult it is to rank for those keywords.

Broken Link Checker

Want to check your website for broken links? Rather than clicking each link to see whether they work, you can use the Broken Link Checker extension. It does exactly what its name suggests. Broken Link Checker will inspect the functionality of your website’s links. If a link on your website is broken, meaning it triggers a 404 error, it will reveal where the broken link is located.

You can use Broken Link Checker to find broken links on a specific web page or your entire website. Fixing these broken links, of course, will make your website friendlier to search engines. Search engines can spider your website more easily if all of its links function properly.


Grammarly is a great extension to use for SEO. Many webmasters wrongfully believe that grammar errors have no impact on search rankings. While a few misspelled words or instances of improper punctuation typically isn’t a concern, an excessive number of grammar errors can restrict your website’s rankings.

With Grammarly, you can scan your website’s content for grammar errors. The cloud-based software is powered by artificial intelligence (AI). Each time you load a web page, Grammarly will check the page’s text for grammar errors. Depending on the type of errors it discovers, you may be able to fix them by clicking a suggestion offered by Grammarly.

Google Analytics Debugger

If your website is equipped with Google Analytics, you may want to download and enable the Google Analytics Debugger extension. Google Analytics Debugger is designed to reveal syntax errors with tracking tags. When enabled, it will log all of the data that your website sends to Google Analytics. You can then view this data to find problems with your website’s tracking tags.

Google Analytics Debugger will display syntax errors in red. After fixing the red-highlighted tracking code, you can try it again. Once the tracking code has been corrected, it will send the appropriate data to Google Analytics. Checking your Google Analytics account should reveal the data collected by the tracking code.

Link Grabber

Another great SEO extension is Link Grabber. It’s designed to extract all of the links from a website. Using Link Grabber, you can find out where your competitors are linking to. It will crawl their websites while pulling all of the internal and outbound links from those sites. You can then research these links to learn more about your competitors’ SEO strategies while potentially identifying new link-building opportunities for your SEO strategy.

Link Grabber is also useful when conducting a link audit of your own website. If a web page on your website has few or no internal links pointing to it, search engines may not find it. Link Grabber can help you conduct audits that reveal these web pages.

Last Pass

You may want to use the LastPass extension. When performing SEO, you’ll probably have to log in to many different accounts. A study conducted by Dashlane found that the average internet user has 90 accounts. As a webmaster, you may have even more accounts. Instead of trying to remember the login information for all of your accounts, you can use LastPass.

LastPass is a password management extension that will automatically store the usernames and passwords to your accounts. It will place them in an encrypted file. The next time you visit a login page for an account, LastPass will automatically fill it with your username and password. As a result, you can create long and complex passwords that are automatically stored by this extension.

Of course, you should create an ultra-strong master password for LastPass. The master password is essentially the key to all of your other passwords. It’s used to unlock the encrypted file containing your login information. Your passwords are only as secure as the master password that unlocks them. If your master password is weak, it could result in your other passwords being breached.

Extensions won’t nullify or remove any of your web browser’s existing features. They will simply add new features to your web browser. For SEO, some of the top extensions include PageSpeed Insights, Ahrefs SEO Toolbar, Broken Link Checker, Grammarly, Google Analytics Debugger, Link Grabber and LastPass.

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