Moving Up and Moving Out: The Benefits of Using Private Office Space in a Post-COVID World

Regus at Jilong Road in Shanghai, ChinaRegus at Jilong Road in Shanghai, China

As the world slowly emerges from its lockdown and the economy starts to recover from its self-imposed shutdown, business owners, freelancers and others are all wondering what comes next. Does the business world go back to business at normal, with row upon row of cubicles and little space for freedom or creativity? Or does the Post-COVID world include nothing but telecommuters, workers thinly tethered to their bosses through an endless string of Zoom conferences and high-speed internet?

Or is the real answer somewhere in between, neither business as usual complacency or unproven radical transformation? In a post-pandemic world, could the way we do business look more like the private office space model than the cubicle farm status quo or home office fantasy?

Small business owners and freelancers would do well to contemplate these possible futures, especially now that so many states are opening up and allowing companies to find their own way through this radically altered landscape. As the world opens up and business gets back to business, it makes sense to explore the benefits of renting private office space for freelancers, small business owners and anyone else who needs to stay productive.

Controlled Access

Even after effective treatments for COVID-19 emerge and a vaccine is eventually developed, the idea of letting just anyone into an office space can be a little scary. Beyond the health concerns, there are worries about data privacy, potential leaks of proprietary information and the looming threat of corporate espionage.

Private office space offers the ultimate in private access, an easily controlled space limited to the tenants who pay the rent. These limitations on access carry a host of benefits, including protection from the next pandemic.

Built-in Flexibility

Freelancers and gig workers suffered mightily during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, and the pain has still not gone away. These types of workers are always beset by uncertainly about their earnings, the stability of their clients and their ability to maintain a reasonable standard of income, and those concerns are likely to linger even once the economy opens up.

Given the uncertainty freelancers and small business owners face, having a flexible coworking space can seem incredibly attractive. With month-to-month and short-term rental options, these co-working environments can be customized to the needs of every entrepreneur.  

Large Spaces for Maximum Social Distancing

Anyone who has worked in a typical cubicle farm knows how hard it is to maintain personal privacy, let alone social distancing. In a post-COVID19 world, this old model simply will not work.

No small business wants to put its workers at risk, but they also do not want to go out of business in the process. As these businesses begin to open up, moving into a shared coworking space could be the perfect option.

These large coworking spaces seem custom-made for the age of social distancing. There is plenty of room to move around, and private office spaces can be customized to the needs of every business owner and entrepreneur who rents them.

Daily Cleaning and Hygiene Practices

The spacious design and low utilization make cleaning and proper hygiene easier in the private office model. Unlike the cursory cleaning that takes place in the typical office environment, private offices spaces are deep cleaned on a daily basis, giving workers the peace of mind they need in a post-COVID19 world.

Private office spaces also do not use reusable cups and dishware, eliminating another potential source of contamination should the novel coronavirus or another epidemic come roaring back. Privacy and hygiene are hallmarks of the private office space model, and one more reason these types of coworking arrangements are likely to grow more popular in the future. Coworking spaces can even be set up with one-way hallway traffic patterns, allowing additional social distancing and enhanced safety for clients and visitors alike.

Meeting Social Needs

Everyone wants to feel safe, and it is only natural to be a bit anxious in the face of an unknown illness and a worldwide pandemic. Even so, it is important for society and businesses to look at the costs and benefits of reopening vs. staying locked down.

If safety were the only criteria the economy could simply stay locked forever, with telecommuting the only option and curbside pickup the only allowable type of shopping. But safety is not the only criterion, and it is important to meet people’s social needs as well as their physical protection requirements.

Human beings are inherently social animals, and that central part of their nature cannot be denied without serious consequences. In order to thrive human beings need to communicate in person, and a coworking arrangement is perfect for providing the optimum combination of safety and social interaction.

If you are looking for a way to work safely and socially, a private office workspace could be a perfect choice. As the world goes back to work and settles into a new normal, this unique, and uniquely valuable, type of workspace could quickly become the norm.

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