Finding the perfect match: DNN vs WordPress

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DotNetNuke (DNN) and WordPress (WP) are among the leading content management systems that are occasionally pitted against each other. In some cases, using DNN could be easier and more efficient than WordPress, while in some others, it is the other way around. Web professionals have varied opinions about the matter. But to settle the case, let’s dissect the attributes of both platforms to help you decide which fits your needs better.


It is important for CMS to be easy to use and navigate. While both CMS are quite user friendly, many are leaning towards WordPress for this attribute. Although both do not require advance web development knowledge, installation of plug-ins and changing themes are easier with WP dashboard.


Speed is not an issue for both DNN and WP. The former runs in VB.NET language through Cloud and ASP.NET. On the other hand, WP is indicted in PHP with MySQL management database system.

Installation of themes and plug-ins

DNN and WP offer varied themes for a considerable price. However, WP does offer more free themes and templates that users can choose from. DNN allows more than 200 quality plugins and up to 1,000 different modules while WP houses a more varied selection of 30,000+ plug-ins.


Organizing the elements in a page is a task that many find to be more efficient with DNN. Editing text, changing photos, altering the layout is easier with DNN since it allows the website’s administrator to see how the elements would appear in real time. For WP, the admins would need to switch pages from the main page and the dashboard several times when editing.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

DNN and WP administrators can easily edit their content to make it more visible to search engines. Customization of page title, meta description, H Tags, Alt Tags, and URL are allowed in DNN. They also do not have iFrames or Frames that could hinder communication between the search engine and the website.

Common SEO practices are also allowed in WordPress, particularly in their “Wordpress SEO by Yoast” section. It allows the administrators to see the Snippet Preview, as well as customize the Focus Keyword, SEO Title, and Meta Description among many others. They also have an SEO check area that shows the colors red, orange, yellow, and green to determine how well the page has been optimized for search engines.


It is easier to get your hands on a WordPress domain by simply signing up to their website. Users can choose the “free” or “Premium” option that would allow them to get their exclusive domain. DNN on the other hand is considerably more exclusive. Users can choose to request a trial of one of the DNN Evoq products, or directly buy them online.

Target Market

Many agree that WP and DNN cater to different markets. WP is targeted for users who wish to own a personal blog, or business owners who wants to establish their own website. DNN, on the other hand, is mostly sought by corporations and medium sized enterprises for ecommerce.

Some web developers prefer to use DNN when developing websites, as they’ve known it longer and find it easier to use. However, many others are also shifting to WP for its key strengths. But at the end of the day, the power to choose which CMS system is better is on you. Which one do you choose?  Is it DNN or WordPress?

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