Doing Business Toothpicks And Toilet Paper Style

You may or may not have toothpicks in your home right now and that’s okay. Dental floss will do the trick.

But I’d bet my right arm you’ve got some toilet paper on hand (pardon the pun).

Although toothpicks and toilet paper are common household items …

One you can survive without and the other … well … you can’t!

I want you to start thinking of the money you spend on items to build your business in the same way.

Stick to the “basics” and resist purchasing (tempting) “non-essentials”.

Can you think of any products or programs you’ve invested in that really haven’t done a blinking thing to help move your business forward?

I know. You got blindsided and sucked in. Those items seemed like a good investment at the time – the answer to your prayers

C’mon. Fess up. We’re all guilty.

It’s time to start thinking long and hard before you fork out another business-building dollar … needlessly.

This post isn’t about the actual tools you need to build your business (like web hosting, contact management system, etc.) I’m pretty sure you’ve honed in on that list already.

Today’s post is about:

The Critical Bare Essentials For A Successful Business

Your Big “Why”

Got one that’s big enough? If not, dig a little deeper.

If your incentive for working your business isn’t big enough – your business won’t work.

Just because your Uncle Harry says there’s money to be made on the internet isn’t going to fly as your big “why”.

Your Big “Idea”

A word of caution if you’re planning to knit potholders and sell them online – the 99-cent store has them in stock! I know. Yours will be custom made and spectacular. I get it.

But do some research and make sure there’s a market for your exclusive potholders (or whatever you’re selling).

Otherwise, you’ll be marketing to invisible customers – you know, the customers whose dollars you’ll never see.

Your Big “Plan”

Your business plan doesn’t have to be a complicated, 20-page document.

Put together a plan with the two most important components – your goals and how you plan to achieve them.

And remember that your business plan can (and will) be modified and updated as your goals change.

To reach your goals and create success in your business …

Think toilet paper, not toothpicks!

PerOla Hammar 陈家悦