Animated Infinite Scroll – enables infinite scrolling

The Animated Infinite Scroll is a WordPress plugin that enables infinite scrolling with the use of Ajax pagination. In a default pagination, visitors will have to click on the “Next page” button to navigate into an online store. The more clicks they do, the further they will go from the first page.

This can be frustrating especially with the time a page can consume to move on to the next one. However, with the use of animated infinite scroll plugin, clicking is not needed anymore.

Visitors only need to scroll down and the next page of content will automatically be retrieved and affixed. “Load more” button can also be inserted if you do not prefer the infinite scrolling.

Infinite scrolling is also referred as lazy loading. The biggest advantage, as mentioned earlier, is it enables your initial page to load faster without having the browser load every resource per page. With the appropriate implementation, infinite scrolling can bring wonders to your online store.

Despite the usefulness of this plugin, it has one particular disadvantage that might change your view. Without the use of advanced Ajax applications, search engines would find it difficult to recognize your website. Content that is way under the page may not be read by search engines such as Google. Also, the visitors may find it difficult to go back to a piece of content just one page farther up.

The animated infinite scroll plugin has many wonderful features. At the same time, without proper work around, it may serve you for the worse.

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