About WeBlogBetter

We Blog Better is all about YOU! My aim is to help YOU become a better blogger.

You’ve probably already started blogging or are about to start and you might think that it’s easy to create a popular blog or website. It’s not easy! Sure, you can set up a new blog on WordPress in 10-30 minutes. That’s easy! But getting people to read and engage with you is not so easy.

At We Blog Better you’ll find tips that will help you:

  • Generate more traffic to your blog
  • Build a stronger network and community
  • Strengthen your credibility and web presence
  • Write better blog posts that people will want to read
  • Get the most out of social media
  • Earn more money with your blog
  • Run a better business blog
  • Snag more opportunities around the web

Who runs We Blog Better?

I’m PerOla Hammar, I got into web design 18 years ago and and my business is offering reasonably priced solutions for people who are struggling online.

My first website was very basic and different from what I can do today, but since then I’ve been on a mission to find out what makes a website successful.

I wasn’t happy with just having a website. I wanted one that worked. I wanted to be found on Google. I couldn’t just sit there staring at and admiring my website if no one else was. So I got to work and learned the ins & outs of what makes a website successful.

So why should you hire me?

Well, nothing makes me happier than helping people succeed online.