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9 Reasons Why Marketing Your Brand on TikTok Makes Sense

With their vast reach and their superior personalization algorithms, social networks make great destinations for advertising campaigns. Should you advertise your business on a newcomer like TikTok, however?

Since TikTok is wildly popular among teenagers and young adults, and is known for its finger dance videos and other such entertainment easily dismissed as juvenile, marketers often assume that the platform is likely to have no appeal to their customer base. TikTok, however, has plenty of content for every kind of taste and age group. What follows are 10 reasons, based on data by OmniCore (, for why advertising on TikTok is likely to pay off for your business.

TikTok isn’t just a place for teens

It’s easy to assume that TikTok is mainly a teenage pastime when you read some of the press the platform attracts about its effects on young minds. Statistics show, however, that TikTok users between the ages of 10 to 19 make up less than half of the platform’s user base. Most of its users are actually outside the age group. No matter what age your target audience is, it’s likely that a reasonable number use TikTok.

TikTok has global reach

Not only does TikTok appeal to every age group, its popularity transcends international borders, as well. TikTok has millions of active users in more than 100 countries. In addition, nine out of 10 TikTok users actively use the app more than once a day. Advertising on TikTok is likely to give you meaningful international reach.

TikTok is easy to get on

Since TikTok is exclusively about video content, many potential advertisers tend to be put off by the cost of creating such content. It’s important to understand, however, that TikTok is about being authentic and creative: videos are often unpolished, rough cuts that attract audiences just on the strength of their fun, immediate appeal. You don’t need to create perfect, glitzy video to advertise on TikTok. In fact, the platform goes so far as to offer advertisers video editing tools right in the app.

TikTok comes with multiple advertising options

TikTok allows advertisers to choose from among three different ad formats:

• The Topview ad shows for five seconds when a user opens TikTok. It can include clickable links.

• The Takeover ad is the first thing that users see when they launch the app, and can be anything from short videos to static images.

Infeed ads are video clips up to 15 seconds long, and appear in users’ For You feeds. Users are able to like them and make comments.

TikTok is great for influencer marketing

TikTok is well-known for making stars of its best-liked content producers. These content creators are often open to partnering with advertisers to help push their messages among their subscribers. End-users are more likely to trust commercial messages when they come from content creators they love. When trusted influencers use a product on-screen, it makes viewers consider giving the product a try, themselves.

TikTok helps you make your brand more relevant

The TikTok platform constantly launches new video trends. When you keep an eye out for trends that may be relevant to your brand, you can contribute videos to take advantage of them, and gain greater currency and relatability for your brand. The more relatable your videos are, the more likely your audiences are to act as your brand ambassadors.

TikTok is a video-only platform

On mixed media platforms like Facebook and Instagram, video content is one among multiple choices, and is often muted or scrolled past. Video, however, is the only kind of content present on TikTok, and isn’t muted by default. Audiences who come on TikTok tend to be completely ready for and receptive to video. On TikTok, marketing videos are unlikely to be seen as a disruptive interruption to the general viewing experience.

TikTok users tend to be more actively engaged

On average, TikTok users stay on the app nearly an hour each day. TikTok is designed to promote new trends that keep audiences hooked with their novelty. This makes TikTok different from the kind of experience Facebook offers. With the novelty keeping users alert, users are more likely to engage with advertising or branded videos that businesses publish.

TikTok’s rise in popularity is only beginning

TikTok only recently became one of the top 10 most downloaded apps, meaning that its audiences are likely to be far more enthusiastic about the app and its content than, say, a more mature platform like Facebook. Advertising on the platform or creating content for it is likely to be received with greater enthusiasm than on other platforms.

If you haven’t so far considered TikTok for your marketing, it’s entirely understandable – most businesses haven’t started taking TikTok seriously. This only means, however, that if you become an early adopter, you have a world of engaged audiences to aim for, with little advertising competition. It makes sense to take your marketing to TikTok now.

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