5 ways to understand your Target Audience- The Ultimate Recipe

5 ways to understand your Target Audience- The Ultimate Recipe

We all know, in the end, it comes to one and only factor for the success of your business that is the Target Audience. Understanding human behavior is quite a herculean task as its just too complicated. We also know people can either create your business a sweet dream or just a nightmare.

So, we have to make sure that we as an individual understand the human behavior. In this blog, I will be sharing my secret recipe to crack your Target Audience and understanding them.

So, what is a Target Audience?

In simple words, the target audience is any person who has a potential and needs to buy or use your service or the product. You have a product or service to offer, and someone is there in need of that is your target audience.

How to spot your Target Audience?

The simplest way is through breaking down the stakeholders for your business. Map down all the stakeholders who are related to your business and write them down. Now, analyze which ones are getting affected the most and are in need of your business. Those are, are your target audience.
So, what is the recipe to understand the Target Audience?

Let us go back in the days when we did not have anything to do and was not time bounded. Yes, I am taking when our forefathers were sitting any gazing the beautiful sky. We started building communities, communities around the way we think about things around us. So, we created a like mind tribe which was driven by the behavior of the members.

Human behavior is driven by the surrounding and the actions we take. If you are watching a sunset alone, you might miss someone close to you. That is Sunset reminds us of goodbyes.

Here are the elements to crack the Target Audience for your business.

1. Identify the problem
You started your business because there was a need. No, because there was a problem and you wanted to solve it. People are not looking for new products or services. The have a problem, and they are looking for a solution. Can you draft your content messaging which can make people realize they have a problem, and you are the solution? Identify the problem you are giving solution for; you will understand the upper layer of your target audience.

2. A life in a day of
Create a detailed timeline for your Target Audience; you should analyze when do they wake up when they go to their office, when do they come back, where do they go to eat, what movies they like, music, food, books, party hangouts, and others. Create a timeline for six days.

3. Purchase points
During the daily routine, the Target Audience uses numerous services and buy many products. Map that down, you can find the exposure content sites in their routine. Understanding their buying behavior will help you to understand how do they spend money and why.

4. Content Consumption
Learn their pattern, create a questionnaire and float it to your look a similar audience. Understand platforms they prefer and understand the type of content they consume. Type of consumption will tell you their interest and mode their comfort.

5. Listening
Last but not the least, be like Sherlock Holmes! Hear the keywords they use, the topics they get excited about, opinions they defend or debate. Listen how they talk to various people. Understand their nature through the circle of individuals around them.

Make sure to analyze these five elements and there you go; you know your Target Audience very well. Remember, you are the solution to their problem, they need to know that. You need to understand their problem first to tell them the solution.