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5 Ways to Promote your Blog: What You Should Be Writing Besides Blog Posts

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Writing blog posts is fun. But there are other forms of writing that will help make writing your blog even more fun. What am I talking about? I’m talking about ways to market and promote your blog via the written word.

So many people are hell bent on promoting their blog via Twitter and Facebook. While they are excellent platforms and can take a blog a long way, that doesn’t mean that’s where promoting a blog should stop.

Here are 5 different ways to promote your blog and your mission using words as your endorsement.


An e-newsletter is an excellent way to get out your ideas and promote your blog. The key to the e-newsletter is to send them rather infrequently or people will become annoyed that you are always crowding their inbox. An e-newsletter once every month or two is appropriate. Also, remember that an e-newsletter is NOT a sales letter. It is a way to disseminate information but it is not to sell a product.

E-Newsletters are the perfect place to recap your best blog posts, publicize any upcoming events your readers should be aware of, and to add value. Using the newsletter to give a piece of advice is an excellent idea. For example, one copywriting newsletter I subscribe to gives me a grammar lesson once a month. It’s usually pretty funny and some of the time it’s useful as well.

Press Releases

A press release is a great way to gain some publicity. The great thing about press releases is they are short and to the point and they’re relatively easy to write.

The key to the press release is to send them to editors frequently enough that they start to know your name, and will potentially call you for quotes. That positions you as an expert within your field – the end goal of every blogger.

Additionally, you can optimize these releases using your SEO skills and take over Google. Anchoring the correct key words and distributing the press release to many sites will spread your URL like wildfire throughout the web.

About Page

Just because you’re a blog and not a company website doesn’t mean you don’t need an about page — a place to write down a static version of your goals, dreams, mission, and purpose. An amazing about page is what sets some of the great blogs from the good blogs. Take the time to write your perfect version of what you would want a stranger to know about your blog. Then add it to your site.

Sales Letters

These are a necessary evil. I understand that nobody likes sending them, and most people don’t like to receive them, but even if you only get a 1% conversion rate, that’s still more sales than you would have made if you didn’t send the sales letter.

Some blogs are just blogs and don’t sell anything, if that is your situation you can skip to the next paragraph. But for the blogs that do, sales letters can be a great way to get the word out about an affiliate program or a contest you are holding. Just make sure they reflect your company and your voice. If you usually write your posts with humor, don’t be afraid to add humor to your sales letter.

You might want to consider setting up an autoresponder series for this.  For more information about this and to learn how to pick the right one, here’ best autoresponder review I’ve read.

Guest Posts

Technically, this is writing a blog post, but it’s not for your blog, so I’m slipping it in. Writing guest blog posts can be an amazing way to gain attention and traffic to your site (believe me, I know since this itself is a guest post).

You’d be surprised how many blogs are open to having guest posters. Make sure to write a post that you are certain will fit with the site’s mission and purpose and proofread it within an inch of its life. Then send it off and watch your numbers go up.

Writing great content goes so far beyond delivering a good blog post. I hope some of these ideas will encourage you not just to write more, but to give you more ideas on how to promote your blog.

Am I missing any great ways to promote using words as your weapon of choice?

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