Write better for a better blog

I’m currently working on an upcoming series for this blog.

It’s my opinion that if you can write better, you’ll be a better blogger, so in the next few weeks or so, you’ll begin to see a recurring series of posts (one a week) that will provide tips for writing more creatively and engaging posts.

Sorry, it’s the writing instructor coming out of me :)

But before I begin dumping content on you, I’d like to know:

What it is about writing that you’d like to know more about? What areas would you like to improve?  What do you struggle with?  Do you need help generating more ideas? Do you need help tuning out distractions?

The goal of this series is to help you tap into your hidden talents and that are already available to you, but perhaps have been overlooking.  I want to show you how your unique perspective and experiences can provide an endless supply of writing and blogging inspiration. But I’d like to tailor it to your needs.

That means I seriously need you to chime in with your questions and your concerns to help guide me in shaping this series just for you.

So what would you like to see in this upcoming series?

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