Do Women Blog Better? What separates women from men in blogging?

men-vs-womenI was surfing YouTube the other day and ran into an old video I really love. As soon as I heard the song, I was reminded of We Blog Better blog.

Yes, call me crazy, but some blogs just have music written all over them.

Not only did the song have We Blog Better written all over it, but it made me think of a few things that I think separate women bloggers from men bloggers.

There are exceptions to every rule and there will be exceptions to this one. But I have an average woman and man in my mind and this is how I see it.

Women blog better because they talk more

You have to admit we do. We can talk and talk. You have dinner with your best girlfriend, get home and call her ’cause there was just this one little thing you forgot to tell her. You hang up two hours later.

I think women write longer posts compared to what a man would write on the same subject. I, for example, sometimes write some observations and opinions even when I don’t need to.

But as a woman, I just feel my opinion has to be there. Otherwise, I feel like I didn’t write everything I had in mind and the post is not complete.

Women blog better because they are more creative

Who is more likely to come up with new ways to keep the kids quiet for an hour, while at the same time, cleaning up the house? OK, men can do it sometimes, but I am talking about safe ways that don’t include jumping off the roof or playing with knives. :)

Kiesha is the perfect example of a creative blogger. I mean what man would write a post about blogging and successfully compare it to salad!?

Women blog better because they love connecting

When you move to a new neighborhood, you will meet the new (female) neighbors in no time. They love connecting with new people. They are just friendlier.

Same goes for the blogging world. A lot of female bloggers will connect with more people in shorter amount of time. They will start conversations, leave long and nice comments on posts and really put the “social” in social media.

Women blog better because they get in more details

You know when you talk to a female friend over coffee and she is telling you about the new red dress her neighbor had on the other night. She will explain exactly what style was it, what kind of shoes and jewelry she had on, etc.

If you would ask a man about the dress, you would be lucky if he says it was red.

In blogging, I find that women will often write more detailed posts or create more detailed videos. They won’t go from step 1 to 2 and then to 3. That is a man thing to do.

We take the route of writing step 1 followed by 1.5 and 1.9 to reach 2, and so on. But you can’t go wrong with those blogging directions, can you?

Women blog better because they group fast

If you put 20 women in a situation, they will group up and never go through the problem together. There are some invisible particles that bring us closer together or push us away from each other.

This is good and bad. The good thing is that being in a group will often motivate you and the other gals will help you through different problems. The bad thing is that they will gang up on the outsiders.

Your ex-boyfriend has a new girlfriend? Your group will always, no exceptions, say that that girl is not even cute, she looks stupid, wears bad clothes and is so much worse than you. Will that be truth? Not always.

I have noticed the same thing in blogging. Your group will help you go through blogging blocks and other stuff that slows us down. But if one blogger from another group doesn’t like you, you can count on the others from that group to get on you.

Is there a point to this story?

We probably have many advantages over men. But we don’t always use them. We get too emotionally involved in some things while men turn emotions off and just work.

How about deleting all the negative you feel towards someone and do what men do. Just work. Do your best. Don’t worry if someone likes you or not, just do your best.

Once you are at the top (because you worked hard) everyone will like you, anyway.

Now, I do have to say sorry to men bloggers, but this is the song that reminds me of WBB and the great feeling I get here:

So, how do you feel about this? Do you really believe women blog better? What separates us?

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