Why Blog?

Today, I’m aiming this post at those readers who have been thinking about starting a blog, but for whatever reason are still dragging their feet.

I can’t believe that there are people who still haven’t accepted the fact that the social dynamics are shifting and that blogging and social media in general has chiseled out a new space to communicate, connect, and build personal and professional relationships. It has reshaped and continues to remove boundaries.

BLOG stands for Boldly Leveraging Opportunities Globally – okay, I’m kidding… blog is really just a short term we use to describe what used to be called a “Weblog” or a log published on the web (something like that…). It is a noun and a verb – you can have “a blog,” this platform where you can share your perspective with the world, or you can actively “blog” or publish posts regularly.

Of course, a blog is much more than my simple description has let on, but my point is NOT to define it for you, but instead to reveal its power.

It enables everyday people in ordinary places to reach and connect with others around the world. The possibilities are endless because now we can communicate in new and unlimited ways.

I can be in Ohio and simultaneously network with someone in England, India, or Australia. I am no longer limited by location. That means a business owner in a small town in Oklahoma can open its doors and have access to customers anywhere on earth without ever leaving town.

Why I blog

There are many reasons why I blog, but the #1 reason is: I love to inspire people, to encourage them and help them reach their full potential. That’s what propels me forward when there are no other rewards. When I know I’ve helped someone break through a problem and their lives are better because of it – I know I’ve fulfilled my purpose.

Why you should blog

(or re-evaluate why you blog)

There are unlimited benefits of blogging.

Why blog?: Social Influence
Companies and advertisers everywhere are breaking their necks to capitalize on the social influence that has taken hold across social media networks. That’s why businesses are paying to feature ads on Facebook and Twitter; and why you see ads whenever you open your Yahoo email. The power has shifted – trends are now created by the people – not mainstream media.

One unhappy blogger can now wreak complete havoc on a company’s image. All it takes is one well circulated blog post.

Why blog?: Opens the Door to more opportunities
Blogging and social media in general has placed the keys to success in new hands. Instead of hunting employers down, now you can have them hunt for you. Opportunities are everywhere.

It has changed the way people acquire jobs – it used to go something like this: a company would place an ad and then choose its candidates from those who applied. Now more than ever, it’s starting to go like this: a company needs a candidate that has a particular set of qualities, conducts a search, then contacts specific people based on that search – whether they’ve applied or not. Boom! A new employee is hired.

Blogging enables you to showcase your talent and be found when search times comes around. It also enables you to meet the right people at the right time who can present you with the right offer – something you would’ve missed otherwise.

Why blog?: Facilitates social change
The voiceless now has a voice – Now that people are able to share their stories and experiences, groups of people who were once ignored can how be heard and be helped. A young man who lived in a country where the internet was banned, made a regular trek to another country so that he could blog and tell the world about his experience. He spoke out and now his country has internet services.

Why blog?: Business Benefits
Blogging creates a space where businesses and potential customers can interact on a more personal and mutually beneficial level. It’s really interesting how modern technological advances has in a way, returned us back to the days when local businesses and customers knew each other personally and by name – making it possible to bargain and help each other out. It creates an opportunity for a new and improved barter system to re-emerge.

Bloggers everywhere are taking advantage of infinite possibilities and opportunities that are sprouting up. Never before have we lived in a time when websites and blogs can be bought and sold for more than real estate. If that doesn’t demonstrate the potential power that lies in blogging, I don’t know what does.

Of course this list isn’t complete – what other reasons are there for blogging? How could you benefit from Boldly Leveraging Opportunities Globally?

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