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Why Better Bloggers Need To Learn How To Make an English Trifle

Just in case you don’t know, trifle is a traditional English dessert.

Very popular at Christmas time but great for parties too.

Only one problem.

You have to use a traditional recipe or it doesn’t work.

A bit like blogging!

You must get it right or it won’t hold up.

Want a better blog?

Just follow my grandma… and learn how to make an English trifle!

Here’s my grandma’s method.

  1. Use your prettiest glass bowl.

I use one of hers that she passed down to me.

I love her bowl. Sadly, they don’t make them like that anymore…

You can see all the layers of the trifle through the glass and it looks so tempting.

Same with your blog site. 

You need to make it as inviting as you can.  Your Side Bar(s) should make it clear what your blog contains and your Page Titles should invite the reader to find out more – to taste your blog and see if they’d like to eat some.

2.   What’s the first thing they’ll see, on the top?

Chocolate sprinkles? Cherries? Or something they won’t expect, like edible nasturtium flowers?

Same with your blog.

Which of these Headllines would you read…

  • How to build your blog
  • Why Better Bloggers Need To Learn How to Make An English Trifle

You need to tempt your reader with the unexpected.

Make them sit up and take notice when they read your headline.

If it’s ordinary, they’ll buzz off.

3.   An English trifle needs jelly.

Now I’m being a bit controversial.

There are two camps in England: those who use jelly in their trifle and those who don’t. It’s personal.  I use it because… well because my grandma did.  By jelly I mean the flavoured gelatine cubes that come in packets and you dissolve them in hot water.  You pour the jelly over the sponge cake which lines the bowl and then it sets. (I’ll deal with the sponge cake next…)

In my opinion, trifle without jelly just doesn’t hold together. It flops.

Same with your blog.

It needs jelly. It needs a well thought out, strong point for each post.

You need to have something important/useful to write about or your blog will simply flop.

Don’t write insubstantial personal waffle  because no-one will read it.

4.   Choose the best sponge cake/fingers.

You need to line your glass bowl with sponge fingers.

They support the other ingredients. They soak up the jelly and support the fruit. (That comes next.)

Same with your blog.

When you’ve decided on the topic for your post you need to use the best writing you’re capable of.

You need to connect with your reader.

You need to choose the right ‘writing voice’ for them.

You need to be clear.

You won’t write a memorable post without time and effort. It doesn’t work.

5.   The magic ingredient.

Tradtional English trifles always contain a generous amout of sherry.  This is poured over the sponge cake before the fruit is added (tinned fruit usually), and needless to say it tastes pretty good. No-one seems to mind if children have sherry trifle but, even so,  the amount of sherry is never mean!

Everyone says that trifle without sherry is no trifle at all.

Same with your blog.

It needs a Magic Ingredient.

A special touch.

A unique flavour/style/authenticity.

It needs to contain the ‘essence’ that is you.

I guarantee that if you blog as if you’re making my grandma’s English trifle, everyone will want to know your recipe!

And they’ll Share it with their friends, like you’ll be Sharing and Tweeting this post…

Over to you -

  • What, in your view, is the most important ingredient for a successful blog?