Why A Blogger Needs To Be Crazy

Straight Jacket EscapeAre you a crazy blogger (do you think I am crazing for writing this blog post)?

Before we start, let me ask you some questions:

What comes to your mind when you think the word crazy?


Take a piece of paper and write it down. Do not, I repeat, Do not scroll down to read more.

Just answer the question first.

Are you done? Let’s get to the next question:

What comes to your mind when you think of a mad scientist?


Write it down.

Am I asking you too much? Aah, let’s move on, okay?

First, let me give you the definition of crazy, that I will be using for this blog post.

The word crazy means: ‘extremely enthusiastic.’

You see, the world’s greatest inventors, scientists were not normal. If they were normal, they wouldn’t have contributed anything to the world.

Yes, I am implying that they were crazy. Come on guys, who would really spend time on inventing a light bulb (even though you failed many times). Only a crazy person would.

World’s smartest inventors were enthusiastic. They were crazy enough to keep on trying until they achieved what they really needed.

Normal people are people who just follow a routine and do their stuff. You don’t want to be normal. You want to be unique and crazy.

I think that craziness itself has the word creative embedded onto it (because crazy people think differently).

So, let me ask again: Are you a crazy blogger?

I know it sounds crazy, but being crazy is really important.

Are you a Crazy Blogger?

Crazy bloggers are bloggers who think and act differently, they are also enthusiastic and passionate about what they are working on (that’s why we have “mad” or crazy scientists in this world). Two good reasons why you need to be a crazy blogger:

  • Crazy Bloggers think out of the box - For Crazy bloggers, it is definitely easy to think out of the box and come up with new ideas.
  • Crazy Bloggers are Determined, Patient and Hardworking - As I mentioned earlier, crazy people are hard working. They won’t give up until they have achieved what they really need. Same goes to crazy bloggers. They will keep on trying until they have achieved their goals with gaining traffic and subscribers.
  • Crazy bloggers do unusual things - They take up challenges related to writing, marketing and every thing that is related to blogging.
  • So, for Crazy bloggers, it is a lot more easier for write awesome articles and get “good” traffic for their posts (Note: Good is subjective).

So, how can you become a Crazy Blogger?

About a month ago, I was asking this question myself. How can I become a crazy blogger. To be honest, I don’t have an awesome answer like those gurus who claim too. But, what I can give you is tips that I got from my own experience.

What I did to become a Crazy Blogger:

  • I took blog challenges – I began to challenge myself. I challenged myself to focus more on writing – writing at least two posts a day for every weekday. Well, to the most part, I was successful with the challenge. Here is what I got out of it: Got new friends, increase my traffic and exposure. And the most important of all, I was building a community in my blog.
  • Many of you who actually know me, might know that I love guest blogging contests. There are a bunch of guest blogging contests that is going on right now. And I participating in two of them :D

Well, those were good things. But, here is what I really lost:

Right now, my marketing strategy really sucks. Since, my focus is on writing, I have not out much effort and time into marketing my content.

Lesson: When you are going crazy and doing things out of the unusual, don’t forget the regulars. Follow them. Keep them on track while being crazy.

So, are you a crazy blogger?

Well, I am not exactly a crazy blogger (not yet). I still have to do a lot more marketing, networking and bunch of other stuff to be completely mad with blogging. And I am planning to do that in coming few weeks.

By the way, I am back to that same question:

Are you a crazy blogger?

Do you think bloggers should be crazy?

Let me know of your crazy thoughts so that I can become crazier by replying to them :D

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