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Who Survived the Blog? – Final Results

We have finally arrived at the end of this 10-week journey – and boy has it been exhilarating to watch!

We’ve reached the end of all of the challenges and everyone has done done an incredible job.  In just 10 short weeks, they’ve accomplished the impossible:

Alexa ranking is now 96,121 and improving everyday!

The Final Challenge was certainly a doozy, yet both Holly and Ntathu gave it their best.

Let’s see what they had to say about this last challenge:

I smile as I sit here to write my final weekly round-up for Kiesha. The whole 10 weeks has been an amazing journey and I have learnt stuff which I didnt even know I didnt know. Couple highlights this week, one… being selected for the FINAL.  Wooohooo! (thats been a journey), my girls’ constant support and encouragement.

At one point on tuesday I felt down (Holly is such an expereinced and popular blogger, I got in self pity-defeatist mode and thought whats the point of even carrying on, she is bound to win) but my girls pulled me up and every little “pep talk” I have given them over the years re doing your best, not giving up, you never know what can happen… they swung back at me. I am so proud of them and their” little sort yourself out mum and get writing” sermon made me laugh and perked me up.

A mega mega special moment was receiving an email from Ms. Ileane Smith re my post Yoga for Bloggers: Simple Self Massage to Ease a Sore neck.

One of my dreams is to audio record my meditations and yoga tips and also make videos. Well, Ms. Ileane made both happen this week…and it reminded me of the power of leverage and as my daughters reminded me once you show up you never know what can happen. So, I am real thankful for Ms. Ileane’s support and trust in my work. 

So, I have got this far, I am real thankful for all the love, support, tips and encouragement received. My Final Review Post highlights my thanks and appreciation. Take care and thank you! Onward and upwards.

Highs: The energy wave from knowing this was the final push – and knowing that I had so many supporters out there who were almost as emotionally invested in my winning as I was. Some of them I didn’t know – or knew only by name – until this past week or so. I know what it must be like to stand at the podium on Oscar night and be utterly overwhelmed by the number of people you’re grateful towards, knowing that a solid week of thanking people wouldn’t be enough to cover it.

 Lows: Being the last player standing. I miss my team. I miss the camaraderie and encouragement and energy boost I got from their behind-the-scenes support during those early weeks. I want them back. TheNextGoal needs them, but so do I.

So you’re probably wondering who won?

Final Results


TNG Posts, Comments & Shares Total:   2909
Subscribers Total:  115
Guest Posts Total:  400
Links Total:   1100
Votes:  83 (52.98%)

Total Points:    4607


TNG Posts, Comments & Shares Total:  977
Subscribers Total:  23
Guest Posts Total:   350
Links Total:   100
Vote:  73 (47.02%)

Total Points:  1523

Congratulations, Holly!!    You have official Survived the Blog!!
She will now take ownership of TheNextGoal.com and a cool $1000! (plus, other great prizes!)  If you have a moment, check out her post: I Survived the Blog and her interview over a Brilliant Bloggers!

Congratulations to our Runner-up, Nthathu!

She will take ownership of CrimsonSoapBox.com and a Pro Wibya account!  Check out her interview over at Brilliant Bloggers!

  • So did it end how you thought it would?  
  • What was your favorite challenge?  
  • What was the most memorable moment?  

Share your thoughts about the contest in the comments section!

Well, it’s definitely been an exciting run!  Be on the look out for Surviving the Blog 2012 (summer).