Where to Find Blogging Jobs that Pay

More businesses are embracing the power of blogging more than ever.  Now companies are scurrying like mice trying fill the need. They are in desperate need of writers, social media strategists and bloggers who are willing to build an influential web presence.

Things are changing.  Every day there are more and more blogging jobs opening up.  New positions are being created.  Blogging is no longer just an experiment; it’s serious business.

With that said, the unusual nature of the beast makes the blogging job search unlike any other.  You won’t find anything of value in newspapers or popular job websites.  No, you’ve got to dig.

Well thankfully, there are sites out there that have already grabbed shovels and have dug in and removed that top soil layer for you.

A few great blogging  job boards to check out:


Mashable Jobs

BloggingPro Jobs

Freelance Writing Jobs

Blogger Jobs.Biz

So go on and start applying for those blogging dream jobs.  Don’t forget to dust off those resumes and update them with all of your blogging and writing experiences.  Separate yourself from the crowd by showing potential employers that you take this blogging thing seriously.

Good luck and much success to you!

So what sites have I missed?  Please tell us about your favorite blogging job board in the comments.  Post the link and tell us a little bit about the site.

Image: renjith krishnan / FreeDigitalPhotos.net

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