When The Student Is Ready the Right Teachers Will Appear – But Don’t Pick Them All

WelcomeThere you are – sitting in front of your laptop – and you are confused. Just some time ago you started blogging, but there is this fundamental question that you haven’t found an answer to: how many times per weeks you should post on your blog?

The advice that blogging guru A gave in his blog sounded solid: post on your blog blog everyday. So, that’s how you got started until you heard another guru, blogger B, telling you that you should post only once per week to your blog.

To make things even more confusing, there was this third guru who told you to post only once per month to your blog. According to him, this strategy was working and he was able to grow a successful blog that way.

But yeah … you are confused for a reason and I don’t blame you. However, it’s your decision to make: is it posting every day, once per week or once per month?

Confusing … indeed! Especially when all the gurus you follow are giving the exact opposite advice.
Whose advice do you follow?

Too confused to take action

I bet every blogger has faced the same problem: since they follow many blogging gurus and they hear a lot of advice, the advice becomes conflicting at some point.

Guru A is telling you to do things this way while guru B is telling the completely opposite. Since your trust both of the blogging heroes, it is impossible for you to know which advice is correct and which one to implement in your own situation.

The “multiple guru syndrome” leads to another problem: you want to learn everything these people are telling you.

Since follow so many gurus and trust their word, you are most likely to be on their mailing lists too. And what this means is that all the gurus keep sending their own sales messages to your inbox.

Of course, that’s not necessarily what they do all time. However, they all have their buddies, whose products they like to recommend, tools that they have found to be the best and their own products that solve the same problem (except that the author is different).

If you keep buying their stuff all the time, here is what happens:

a) spending a lot of money to training
b) the more training you have on your hard drive, the less likely you are going to take action on them
c) you are jumping from one strategy to another which leads to increased confusion and even resistance to take action (read: procrastination)
d) you are not giving any time to implement any of the strategies properly, thus seeing if it really works for you or not

Now tell me, do you think this is the way you can reach blogging success? Are you letting those gurus to leave your head spinning without knowing what to do next? Because that’s how it looks like to me!

You want them all but you still can’t have them all

The confusion is mainly a result of two things and the lack of strategy is the first one of them.
Since you are listening to everyone in your niche, you are tempted to try every strategy out there. However, doing this is the worst strategy of them all!

No matter if you know your end goal, but the right strategy to get there matters too! That’s why without any proper path to follow, the destination becomes unreachable.

The second reason is just plain old fear. You are grabbing all the information out there, since you feel that this is the only right information you’ll need (since the guru told you so). However, this leads to the information overflow and your brain can’t handle the situation.

I understand that being afraid of the stinking office job still in 5 years is a great motivator for buying yet another info product – that could be your escape ticket!

However, it is also the wrong way to deal with the situation, since it leads to even more confusion.

Simplify your strategy

In the state of confusion, you need to make some hard choices, but I’m here to help you out.

First, know what you really want to achieve. What is your end blogging goal you are after? Decide that first and only then you are ready to continue with this post.

Did you define your end goal? Good! It’s time to continue.

The next step is to be picky whose advice you follow and go to so called “guru diet”. Now, how do you know who to choose and whose advice “sounds” the best?

Well, what kind of values and advice resonates with you? Only you’ll know this when you listen to many gurus out there.

I would say that it all comes down to a handful of people whose advice you find practical and something you could commit to.

When you pick only handful of bloggers to listen to, all of a sudden you have more available time in your hands. Since you are not chasing the latest tactic or strategy to learn, you’ll be more focused and you can cut all the strategies that don’t apply to your situation.

The additional time is needed to see if a strategy works or not. You see, not all of the advice a blogging  guru says – even the ones you decided to follow – is working in your scenario. That’s why it is absolutely fine to listen to yourself too.

Remember: you are always the last person who makes the final call about your next action. It is also fine not to implement the advice your “hand-picked” guru taught you to.

Finally, to take the guru-diet strategy even further is to hire a coach. This fact itself can cut out the majority of “guru-advice” that you tend to get exposed to.

Sure, this is the most expensive option, but on the other hand it is also the most personal and most effective way to reach your blogging goals.

Let’s fix the ”multiple guru syndrome” and pick your leader

Ok, it’s time to stop your confusion and overwhelm with this step-by-step advice.

Are you ready? Good, let’s start!

1. Know your goals. First and foremost, you should know your end goals.

Do you know what do you want to achieve with your blog in the coming years (1, 3 or 5 years)?
Whatever it is (money, expertise, recognition in your industry ..), write it down! Only that way you know what you are reaching for. And yeah, the more detailed this information is the better.

2. Pick one guru or just handful ones. It’s time  to pick your guru or gurus. Choose the one person (or just a few persons) whose advice and values resonate with you.

Comment on their blogs, interview them on the Skype or through e-mail to get a better idea what the persons are like. If your values resonate with them, you are more likely to follow their advice.

I also recommend of unsubscribing from all the other lists or RSS feeds that you currently follow except from your selected guru’s, so that their advice is not lost in the noise.

There is one thing that I keep as a rule of the thumb when following to multiple people: is their advice conflicting or solid?

For example, I follow guys like Danny Iny, John Morrow and Derek Halpern, because their message resonates with me and their advice is solid and practical. The advice is also a bit different than what the rest of the top bloggers are saying and I find it very refreshing.

3. Implement and test what works. The fewer gurus you follow, the more time you have to implement their strategies.

Pick the strategies that serve you the best when your blogging goals are concerned and implement them in action. This way you are making steady progress and the fear of having that stinking office job still in 5 years fades away.

4. Use your own brain.The part of any strategies is to test and see what works and what not. So, don’t be afraid to dump a strategy if it’s not working.

However, make sure you commit to the one you are currently working 100% and give it enough time, before you decide it’s time to do something else.

5. Hire a coach. If the budget is not an issue, I strongly recommend of hiring a dedicated advisor, also known as a coach.

This is the person who can give you personal guidance on your journey to your goal. Also, this  advice is much more than any blog or information product can give you – because the information is personal.

You get to access a successful person’s brain (considering that he/she has a proven track record of accomplished things) and take advantage of his/her expertise. This is something that’s very rare with information products geared towards general public.

As you can see, following too many gurus can lead to confusion. In the worst case, your blogging progress slows down and you are left in a state of overwhelm.

To fix the situation, just pick one guru (or only a handful of gurus) who you trust and who you listen to and the implement their advice with 100% commitment. Ultimately you can also hire a coach, who can cut down the overwhelm and confusion even further.

This way you are saving time and reach your blogging goals faster – without the horror picture of having that boring office job still in 5 years.

Over to you: whose advice you listen to? Why did you choose just that particular person to listen to?

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