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What to do When Your Blog Doesn’t Make You Happy Any More

There are any number of reasons that we take up writing a blog. For some it’s the buzz of positioning ourselves as authorities on a subject. For others it’s the freedom that comes from setting your own salary and working hours. For others still it’s the simple fact that they enjoy writing and want a hobby.

But all of these reasons essential boil down to one thing that we want our blogs and websites to do for us – and that’s make us happy. In other words, the main reason we run a blog is because we want it to bring us some kind of happiness and fulfilment – and if it doesn’t then really you need to start rethinking things.

How it Can Happen

Studies have shown that getting a reward for a task can sometimes have the opposite effect to the one you might expect. Rather than motivating us to work harder it can actually end up taking away from our natural enthusiasm from that task and essentially turn it into work. In short, if you are working toward a goal then you can lose the fun of the process itself.

This can easily happen with blogging as you start to become more successful. The problem here is that you can end up working on your blog tirelessly just to maintain your current success and to earn your income and end up being almost ‘forced’ to write for it when you really would rather be doing something else. It’s no longer a hobby – it’s a job.

Meanwhile success brings with it other stresses. For one it brings the fear that you will one day stop being successful and that then means you’re probably going to start checking your stats every two minutes and feel very disheartened when they’re not great. And this also means that you’ll become much more sensitive to criticisms and rude e-mails – and you’ll get them because so many people will be seeing your site on a daily basis.

How to Get Back the Fun

In any of these situations it’s crucial then that you find a way to get back the early enthusiasm you had for your blog. One way to do this is to simply try to forget making it a success and to instead focus on doing the things you’ve always done – if that made it successful in the first place then following this formula should ensure it continues to be.

Meanwhile you should also create a structure and draw limits on how and when you are going to work. Avoid letting it bleed into your life or create stress by opting to only answer e-mails between certain hours and to only write a certain number of articles per day.

If this still doesn’t do it then you have two options. One is to consider running a side project that you can make your ‘fun’ blog while continuing to use your first blog to fund your lifestyle and to use as your ‘job’ and the other is to consider completely selling up and starting over.

Recognize though that the sites that say to write first and foremost for your traffic are right to an extent but just short of the mark. In reality you should be writing first and foremost for yourself.

Carol Lopez is the owner of a well known seo company. He loves to blog in his free time. He loves giving advice to upcoming seo professionals on his blogs.