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7 Signs that You’ve Got What it Takes to Enter the Surviving the Blog Contest

Anybody can start a blog.  Really – anyone can purchase webhosting and install WordPress.  But not everyone will be a successful blogger.

People have so many misconceptions about what it means to blog.  It takes a special and dedicated person to turn a blog into a hardcore networking tool that could grow to deliver potential clients and income opportunities directly to you.  A successful blog is that powerful.

One of the goals of the Surviving the Blog Reality Contest is to bring that power to its contestants.  At the end of this contest, the winning blogger will be left with a blog that has been built on a solid foundation that, if maintained, could bring even greater rewards.

Imagine taking ownership of a blog that already has a steady stream of traffic, an audience, and income-earning potential.  Imagine owning a blog that is associated with this exciting one of a kind contest!  You really could build the blog of your dreams!

It doesn’t matter if you’re new to blogging or if you’ve been blogging for years.  Bloggers of all levels will be considered.  The real question is:  Do you have what it takes to make it to the end and claim your prizes?

Here’s 7 Signs that you may have what it takes to enter this contest:

1.  You don’t let fear hold you back – you may be nervous or anxious about the process, but you put fear aside because your fear of regret in the long run is greater than your fear of failure.

2.  You keep trying and you don’t quit – you may have to scale back on extra-curricular activities, but you don’t let distractions overwhelm you and cause you to quit.  You know how to catch your breath and then dive back into the game, full force.

3.  You’re consistent – you realize that a good reputation is built with consistent efforts, not spur of the moment impulse actions.  You work at succeeding every day, not sporadically, or when you get a free moment.

4.  You’re organized – you know the importance of planning ahead and creating structure.  You understand the value of every moment and know how to block your time so that it’s used most effectively.

You’re the kind of person who could capitalize on 10 minutes spent waiting in line – you’re the one jotting down ideas and scheduling tasks in your planner.

5.  You’re committed – Blogging is not just a fling to you, but you see it as an opportunity to connect and build beneficial relationships that just aren’t possible offline.  You’re able to put your plans into action even when you don’t exactly feel like it.

6.  You’re able to collaborate and work peacefully with others to brainstorm and build something amazing.  Working with a team makes blogging so much more enjoyable and increases your chances of success.  A blogger who learns that working with and helping others is the strongest marketing tool is the one who builds credibility, strengthens authority and influence – the backbone of a successful blog.

7.  You’ve been waiting for an opportunity to reach your full potential.  You’ve been waiting for a chance to get into the spotlight and demonstrate your talents.  Maybe you already have a blog, but it’s not going the way you’d hope – you see this contest as a chance to position yourself as an authority.

So what about you – do you have what it takes?  In my opinion, anyone who possesses these qualities is fully capable of entering this contest and has a good chance of getting selected and making it to the end.  With over $600 in cash, plus other prizes, it’s definitely worth entering, right?  Check out the guidelines for entry details.  Act fast, the deadline is quickly approaching in in 11 days!