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What I Do When I Read a Good Blog Post

I get excited when I read a good blog post. And I react, which is exactly what you want me to do if you’re the writer. That’s the point, in fact. Get me to react, respond, interact, promote… you want me to act. So you’ve endeavored to make your post actionable for that very reason.

I thought it would be helpful to you if you knew what I (a user/reader/fan) do when I read your great stuff. That way, you can do even more of what you do to make great blog posts, but even more, you can make it as easy as possible for me to do what I do when I react to your great post.



  1. I tweet it. I use my Friendfeed bookmarklet, which creates a ff.im short url and grabs the title, or anything I’ve highlighted with my cursor, and sends it to Twitter. But if you’ve got a Retweet button? Even better – I’ll click it instead.
  2. I comment. For the record, I comment far more frequently on blogs that don’t use third-party comment apps – but that’s just me. And I luv to comment on blogs using CommentLuv (which you can’t do if you’re using a third-party comment app).
  3. I bookmark it. Personally, I love delicious for bookmarking, and as of this writing, have almost 4,000 links cataloged away, which brings me to my fourth point…
  4. I might write about it. I may at least mention it in a post of my own as I try to point my readers toward other good resources.
  5. I click stuff… especially shiny stuff. In other words, I like attractive links. The words “click here” are NEVER shiny, by the way.
  6. I click buttons. Other people do this too. We’re compelled, so you should probably have some nice buttons around to get us to do whatever it is you want us to do to take action.
  7. If there is a popup, I leave. Period. I will never sign up for any newsletter via a popup. Others will, perhaps, because they like to click shiny stuff, but not me. I’m gone, even if your post is awesome.
  8. I subscribe to stuff when I’m not being asked to do so via a popup. Especially newsletters that are filled with resources.
  9. I follow you on Twitter, and any other networks for which you have shiny buttons that represent my favorite networks. You see, it’s awkward befriending someone you don’t know, unless they ask you to do so – then it’s easy.
  10. I look around your place, but only when I feel at home and I feel invited to explore. I really like “related posts,” “favorite” or “popular” posts, and “about me” pages.

Remember, this is important stuff. I’m helping you to know what works with me and other readers. Now, I’d love it if you’d help me in the same way. Perhaps through the comment form below you might quickly tell me what you love to do when you read a good blog post…