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What are you Blogging About? Part 3

This is Part 3 of the “What are You Blogging About?” Series – click here to see who we talked about in Part I and Part II.

So, let’s continue finding out about what others are blogging about.

If you haven’t been following; the previous two features talked about four bloggers every time and we simply asked them this: What are you blogging about and why did you choose that!?

What inspires people, what makes them blog? As we found out, people blog for varied reasons; let’s see some more!


I guess the ‘category’ I blog in would be considered self-help. I like to look at it as sharing life. I entered the blogging world as a way to voice what I’ve been doing off line for years; encouraging others. The life we live is too short to live in a defeated way. I wanted to be able to express that in a straight forward way. I want others to achieve those things that money can’t buy, the things that will last. Stretching ourselves and being giddy over trying something new. And then, enjoying the sense of accomplishment. That wasn’t supposed to end at 18 or 6, you know.

I want others to look back on their choices without regret.

I want others to smile at themselves in the mirror and be happy with who they see.

I want others to know the ‘sky’ really is the limit.

Ask for less and give more than you imagined you could, and success will be at your door. I encourage you to make your tomorrow better by the choices you make today. And, as we say over at Today Has Power, I encourage you to live it, and…Live it LOUD!



Who: Linda Esposito, LCSW

What: TalkTherapyBiz.com

Why: We all have issues…And approximately 98,000 people google “online counseling/online depression” every month in the U.S. That’s a lot of folks who want to feel better, but are not ready for the traditional 1:1 office visit.
I write about depression, anxiety, and that godforsaken job of parenting. I like to keep it fresh, real, and creative.



I came into the blogging world reluctantly.  I had a new website going up as I was re-entering the world of being a Performer and Teaching Artist as my full way of making a living. Knowing that things had really changed (I closed my theater company, The Brothers Grinn, in 2006) since I was last in the waters of marketing, I knew I’d have to bite the bullet and try new forms to reach my clientele base.

I set up my BornStoryteller blog  first. I had NO idea what I was going to do with it, but I also had no care to

(1) make this only about selling a product or

(2) only talk about myself.

While both have become entwined into the blog as it is, I had no real focus.  I joined, on April 1st, 2001, the Ultimate Blog Challenge: write and post a blog EVERY day for the month of April. That got me on my way. I was all over the place at first, but I found that my passions have led me to where the blog is now: the state of Arts-in-Education (AIE);  Education Paradigm Shifts & Reform; Storytelling (interviews and information); and being a Teaching Artist.

Tale Spinning blog  came about as I was BORED.  I asked for some prompts on FaceBook, got them, and started writing. That spun off into its own blog, which was honed by joining ANOTHER blog challenge in April: the A to Z Challenge.  I have now enjoyed this more than anything.  I experiment with genres and styles of writing fiction (some people, who are so used to “real life” blogs, overlooked the fine print that this is a “writing experiment “  and got weird about a post or three).  I’m having a blast, and thanks to this, as of July 31st, 2011, I will have my first short story published in an anthology!!

So, two blogs, completely different in tone: one non-fiction essays on subjects that matter to me and one on writing fiction, which is just a blast.



I blog about living with passion and purpose to create the fabulous life you want. My blog started out with a much wider idea and purpose but has since narrowed down because it is my passion to open up discussion about how one can create their life rather than have it happen to them. It is what I coach around and what I love to talk about in my seminars and workshops. After all I truly beleive that if you can find your purpose, the one that you get excited about every single time, and you work with that you will bring joy into your everyday life.




So four topics as different as chalk and cheese but all bloggers!

Stay close by, the final of the series soon coming by!