What are you blogging about …finally!

So, after going on for a long time about what others are blogging about; here is the final of the series!

Though there is so much more and so many more bloggers that I would love to feature; let’s manage with the last four of the some of the most versatile blogging ideas!


I began Karmic Kappuccino as a “daily shot of inspiration” early in 2011. My purpose in starting this blog was to connect to a community of people, like myself, who were on a path of personal development. I began writing inspirational posts documenting some of the lessons that I had learned along my own journey.

Karmic Kappuccino has become so much more than a guy sharing some lessons learned and has brought me so much more joy than I had imagined at the outset.  Karmic Kappuccino has become a place where this band of friends comes together to learn together, laugh together and support each other as we all learn and grow.

When I started the site, I didn’t know if there would really be an audience for an inspirational blog that doesn’t focus on the “how-to’s” as much as it does the mindset and emotional and spiritual development of each one of us. One of the most exciting surprises of this journey has been connecting to other people—all over the world—who have become friends, supporters and have allowed me to join them on their journey of growth and change.


WanderingEarl focuses on my addiction to the first-hand education that world travel provides.

When I write about my nomadic adventures, I tend to focus less on the sights I visit and more on the human interactions and lessons I learn along the way.

It is also my aim to prove that a life of travel is not a crazy fantasy but is actually a very realistic and rewarding lifestyle option instead.

I chose these topics in the hopes that my own extensive travels and the decisions I made to achieve my travel goals may help motivate other people to follow through with their dream of exploring the world.

I truly believe that the more people travel, the more we eliminate the misunderstandings and assumptions that exist between different cultures, misunderstandings that foster conflict, hatred and inequality.

Travel helps us realize that people all over the world just want to live a happy, peaceful life and that, as a result, they are not much different than you and I.



I blog about environmental and animal rights issues and this stems from my unwavering belief in our ability to create a sustainable, economically prosperous world without destroying the ecosystem that sustains all life on Earth.

I spent a lot of years volunteering with animals when I was younger. Horses, dogs, cats; I worked with them all. I witnessed the distress, sorrow and pain these animals had to overcome when they were abused and abandoned by the very people who were meant to love and protect them.

I now have the privilege of working as an environmental officer in the resource industry and undertaking a Master of Science in Sustainability Management which has helped balance my natural activist self with good dose of reality and business acumen. I hope to provide my readers with a balanced perspective of global environmental issues.

But if you ask me the one reason I chose to write about environmental and animal protection it would be a simple answer: If we do not speak up for those without a voice, then who will?


Prolific Living is about living life on your own terms (not on terms dictated – lovingly no doubt – by your parents or your children or your darling friends or even society at large).  I have an obsessive passion around smart habits for rich living and a tireless intent in sharing it.

Incidentally, on April 15th, 2011, I walked away from a lot of money and security because I could no longer tolerate doing what I didn’t love. You know, at some point you realize that the time is now or never. Hence I started my love affair with entrepreneurship!

So there, I was done killing my passions. Or worse, my time. I talk about cultivating smart habits and empowering your ideas into actions. I empower you to crush your daily fears and excuses and create space and possibility in your thoughts and plans. I give you what I call the essence of a prolific lifestyle and help you create your own version of it.

I ask you deep questions and take a stance on issues.


Also, the last deserved a bonus blogger too! So, here goes:


The Making It All Fit Blog helps working women over 40 build their bodies so they have the energy to build their businesses.

I take a holistic approach to achieving a healthy lifestyle by sharing mental mindset shifts, delicious and fast recipes, fitness tricks to get your firm fast with a sprinkle of education and humor.

When you visit you will notice that I love to do videos, share powerpoints, write articles and provide templates and recipes that readers can download.

I started this blog because I was once a 200 pound women over 40 who lost her identity when her kids both left for school at the same time. By changing my lifestyle from harmful to healthful I was able to release 50 pounds in 9 months. I use my story to help others transform their bodes and their lives.

So, that’s the final leg! Do share with us what inspired you to blog and pick up your niche!

Also, for more related topics on what to blog about do check out Kiesha’s post.

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