What are The Two Main Writing Motivators Of The Online Marketer

11 - I Type 2000 Words A Minute... Uh YeahWriting is the action of thinking.  I am sure you’ve heard that before.  In order to be able to write anything, you need to have a specific thought process behind it.  Such thought process is your motivation to write.

Before you can write a blog post, an article, an essay, a press release or even a book, you need to have a specific drive – a motivation, which will basically guide your writing.  Such motivation will greatly define the value of your written piece.

For the purpose of this post, I am going to talk about the two main motivators of the online marketer.  This might help you better define what YOUR motivation is when you are writing.

The Sale Motivator

Have you ever read one of those promotion type articles that are saying a lot without really saying anything?  I am sure you have.  As a matter of fact, some internet marketers are masters at this technique and will even teach you how to do it.  I have to admit that I have learned myself how to use such technique and wrote a few articles using it and bout it as well.

When selling is the exclusive motivator, the article is not constructed to give the reader a much needed piece of information or tip; no, articles such as these are meant to play with the reader’s emotions and convince them that they need to find out more in order to make up for the lack of information of the article itself.

Who does the Sale Motivated Writing Serve?

Sale motivated writing serves the author of the article, not the reader.  Of course, the product that the writer is trying to sell you might be great, something that you may really need or want, but the article itself, will basically be useless on its own.  Remember, it’s a sale motivated article, not a helpful one.

This type of writing is meant to drive you to take the action that the writer wants you to take.  Not to help you directly with the article itself.  Truth be told, however, this type of writing, when mastered well by the author is one of the most effective writing methods that will make the reader do whatever the writer wants them to do.

The Information and Education Motivator

When the motivation of the writer is to inform and educate the reader it becomes a totally different game for both the writer and the reader.

When the writer is free from writing for sole purpose of selling and can actually use his or her writing talents to inform, educate, teach or advise the reader, the horizon of possibilities is getting much larger and the flow of ideas is basically unlimited.  At the end of the day, the marketer who is writing to inform and educate can be satisfied, feeling that he or she has helped someone who is actually going to be their follower and over time even their customer.  This type of result will happen, because the writer was willing to spend time and energy researching, learning and ultimately writing to inform.

Who does the Information Motivated Writing Serve?

Writing that is motivated by the will to inform and educate the reader, serves both the reader and the writer.

Obviously, it serves the reader because they will be able to learn something valuable or useful; even something they may be able to apply just by reading that one blog post or article.  They won’t need to click beyond the article to find the answer that they are looking for, and they won’t need to buy anything either.  The reader is getting free and valuable information just by reading that one written piece.

How does information motivated writing serve the writer?  When you are writing with the motivation of educating and informing your reader you should never think that you are only giving without receiving anything back.  As a matter of fact, if you are a successful blogger writing valuable posts on a weekly basis you know that you are getting a lot back from your valuable posts, don’t you?

  • You are making useful online engagements
  • You are getting followers on a regular basis
  • You are making important connections
  • You are building a huge list
  • You are building a clientele
  • You are branding yourself
  • You are reaping what you have sown and some

 Sale motivator vs. Information motivator

The reason why I wanted to write about this topic is that I have some experience writing with both the sale motivation and information motivation factors.  I can tell you that writing only for the purpose of selling can wear you down and take the motivation to write away all together.  How long can you stay motivated writing the same article over and over again?

On the other hand, when your motivation is to inform the reader, you will get more ideas to write about than you will be able to handle.  Your motivation will go to the roof every time.  Which one of the two motivators does sound more attractive to you?

Tell me in the comment area – what type of writing are you using and were you aware you were using it?

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