Website Design Trends For 2013

Ten Game Changing Design Trends for 2013 (Part 1) INFOGRAPHICS_SmallJust like fashion, website design trends come and go and an outdated website can ruin a business. Nowadays, websites need to be designed so that they can be browsed on various devices and still look good. As technology and design moves forward, what are the big trends to look out for when it comes to website development?

Website Design with Responsive Layouts

As mentioned above, websites now need to be designed in order to support all manner of digital devices, from laptops to desktops, from iPads to iPhones. ‘Responsive design’ is a big trend, and almost a necessity, for 2013. A website design nowadays should be a great canvas that is fluid in its application.

Fixed header bars

Many designers are now using header bars that are fixed to allow for good navigation and constant support. This is a trend that is easy to adapt, because it works well on almost any website and provides a great user experience.

Large photo backgrounds

Basing the design of a homepage around a background photo may sound difficult, but it’s incredibly easy because there only needs to be a small amount of text. Pictorial homepages will grab the user’s attention and create an original design.

Minimalist landing pages

If you don’t like photo-based backgrounds, then why not steer in the completely opposite direction and go minimalist? ‘Less is more’ is a big trend when It comes to design this year; keeping everything simple and focusing on your core product can attract new leads, as the page is clear and easy to use (and you can make it look great!).

Infinite scrolling

Although it has actually been around for a few years, infinite scrolling is really having a moment this year. Pinterest and Tumblr use infinite scrolling well, in order to give the user a great visual experience, however it is becoming more popular in standard website design also.

Sliding webpage panels

Fullscreen typography

It seems ‘extremes’ are on trend this year, whether that’s a pictorial or text extreme. Oversized text that fills the whole screen is an emerging style that is appearing to be popular. There’s no denying that should get the message across.

Circular design elements

Sleek and angular design has been a common standard for a long time, when it comes to website design. However, there is a new trend for circular shapes to offer a fresh perspective and original design for a website, whilst remaining clear and easy to use.

This post was written by Becky.  She works for a web design company in Redditch called The Blue Cube, so she enjoys keeping up to date with the latest web design trends.

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