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Warning! Did You Know You’re A Ghost? Wooo… (And Other Ghostly Noises)

Last week I stepped right out of my comfort zone.

I went to the London Bloggers Meet Up.

I don’t live in London so it meant an overnight stay and I was very excited and quite nervous.

Why was I nervous?

Well, I think you would be if you were about to meet some ‘ghosts’… 

(Pause while you say, ”Has this woman ‘lost it? I thought she was a serious minded blogger!’

No, simply a blogger with an imagination.

I see all bloggers as ghosts.

OK, friendly ghosts, but ghosts all the same.

Here’s why

1.   Bloggers exist only in the ‘ether’ of the blogosphere.

Evidence that they’re real comes to us on our screens, with a tiny photo, that’s all.  We get to know them by reading their words.

The art and power of the written word is all we have to communicate with our readers. So it’s vital that we always write the best we can.  We don’t want to give the wrong impression, write what isn’t correct or distort the truth.

We must write ‘from the heart’ so that our readers feel theyare getting to know us after they’ve read a few of our posts.  Our blog site design is essential in helping to paint the whole picture of who we are, and encouraging  readers to stay, to get to know us better.

2.   Like ghosts, we can influence our readers.

When we write our posts we have an aim.

It might be to -

  • empathise,
  • advise,
  • enlighten,
  • encourage,
  • support,

all of these, and more, can affect our readers so, in my view, we must take great care not to be

  • arrogant,
  • pompous,
  • self opinionated,
  • sarcastic,
  • scathing.

If we’re  ‘friendly ghosts’ we won’t want to scare our readers away, worry them, give false information.

3.   Just like ghosts, we gradually reveal ourselves.

I met so many ghosts at the Meet Up.

There they were, around 100 bloggers, and guess what?

They were… just like me!

They were –

  • enthusiastic,
  • smiling,
  • funny,
  • eccentric (yes, me too…)
  • supportive,
  • fascinating,
  • chatty.

There was even a very famous ‘friendly ghost’, Leo Babauta.

He gave a talk, as did Arvind Devalia.

It was amazing, you could have heard the proverbial ‘pin drop’.  I  listened very carefully and  made notes

Was it scary meeting these friendly ghosts?

I think you know the answer to that.

It was a huge honour that Leo took time from his holiday here in the UK to come and speak to us.  He is exactly as I’d imagined, very laid back, very confident at speaking, very approachable and extremely wise.

Next time you write a post, remember you’re invisible.

You suddenly materialise  out of the ether, visiting your readers,  potentially influencing their lives in some way.

Make sure you’re a Friendly Ghost!

Think about this and tell us in the comments -

1.   What will you do to show  your true self on your blog?

2.   Who would you love to meet, from the world of Friendly Blogging Ghosts?

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