The Top Blogging Trends For 2014

As SEO becomes more refined and more strategy-based, it’s becoming harder and harder to get away with the practices that were current a couple of years ago.This post will break blogging trends down into six categories to help you ensure that your New Year’s blogging resolutions will get you more traffic and better authorial ranking.


In the old days, a two hundred word blog post sufficed. Today it’s three hundred. In the future, it will continue to rise. The most authoritative articles on Google’s first page are usually at least a thousand words, sometimes even two thousand or more. Part of Google’s algorithm checks for depth and quality, which is more apparent in longer articles. Expect this focus on length to become the new standard.


While depth and quality are crucial, they are only part of a complete authorship strategy. Diversity in your content is another way to show your skill as a blogger; the best online authors cover multiple diverse topics. Guests posts are a great way to diversify and offer value to a broader audience. Then, when Google registers you as the author of multiple posts across the web, your authorship will increase.


Google places more importance on Google+ than any other factor in their search algorithms. That’s why it’s crucial for every blogger to register for Google+ in order to enhance their authorship. This represents a tendency toward increased importance on social media in search engine rankings. The big three are Google+, Facebook and Twitter, but LinkedIn, Instagram, and Pinterest are important too. Post frequency and number of social media shares indicate content quality.


In essence, social sharing is a great way to build authoritative backlinks to your site, and in 2014, backlinks need to be more authoritative than ever before. When it comes to a comprehensive backlink strategy, old-fashioned microsites are coming under closer inspection. If you do create satellite sites, make sure to represent a neutral position—link to your competitors to show that you are on the same level as them. Generally, today’s backlinks are more about quality than quantity.

Videos and Photos

In addition to high-quality written content, videos and pictures are crucial. Vine’s success shows that short video is easy to disseminate and attractive to users. Images are a great way to add extra meta-data to your post when you add alt text and descriptions.


If you haven’t optimized your blog for mobile you’re ignoring a crucial aspect of your SEO. More than half of the American population has a smartphone, and tablet use is dramatically on the rise. In addition, slow load times are another important factor in SEO rankings. To achieve greater authorship, make sure that your site—mobile included—loads quickly and works correctly. If you’re not sure how to do this yourself, you may want to hire a web development company to help you.

Blogging trends for 2014 are sure to continue in this vein in years to come. For those bloggers out there looking to improve their SEO, it’s necessary to have a complete online strategy and to start now, before you’re unable to catch up.

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