Three Ways To Boost Your Facebook Pages

There is no point in having a Facebook page if it is not getting any responses or likes.

While Facebook is a great resource with nearly a billion users on the site, but if you are not promoting your page properly it is basically collecting social media dust.

You are not showing off your brand and you are wasting your entire time posting because there is nobody there to see your posts. You need to get people to like your page and then you have to engage them enough so they want to interact with you.

Below are three ways that you can boost your Facebook page so you can benefit from all that there is to offer.

Engaging Your Fans

If you want people to share your posts and to make comments on them you need to engage them in some way. You have to make them want to interact; just making random posts is not the way to do this effectively. Try asking them questions about your products or services like how they feel you can improve them or what they would like you to offer in the future. When phrasing a question, make them have to reply with more than a yes or a no. When they interact with you, this interaction will show up on their timeline and their friends will be inclined to become your fan too.

Post About Events and Special Deals

People love to be invited to events and they love to get any kind of deal, especially when it is for a product that they would buy anyway. Events can either be live at your location or a charity event that you throw annually or it can be a web based event like a Q&A for your customers. You can also offer deals to your fans that only they can take advantage of or that is only available to those who like and share your page. Again, this gets them to share and like your page so others will share and like it too. These types of promotions are great ways to get your brand out there and to get people on board with your Facebook account.

You Have to be Social

Facebook is a social media site so you have to be social if you want any type of engagement with your fans or potential fans. They need to see who you are behind all the business as this will make them want to interact with you. The best way to turn off your audience is to constantly sell, sell, sell rather than offering them something tangible. You can do things like highlighting a member of your staff each week and telling your fans what they do at the company. Another thing you must do is always respond to any questions or comments that your fans put on your page. The only other thing you can do to get more fans is buy them outright.

If you want to boost your Facebook page then you have to engage your fans. There is no two ways about it. You have to make them want to comment and like your posts in order to get them seen by a wider audience.

This post was written by Chris Digs.  He has been teaching businesses how to use social media to promote their companies for over four years.

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