The User Experience of the Real Time Web

The real time web can be a lot of fun for users, even if you aren’t a user of Facebook, Twitter, or other real time web service. The real time web can open up new information that users otherwise wouldn’t have known how to find before hand. In this article, we’ll review 3 of the things you can take away from the real time web – today or any day.


When a lot of people talk about the same thing on the real time web, it becomes a trend. These topics show you what is popular right now and often these real time trends come before news breaks on mainstream sites about the particluar subject. Sency has launched a the top 100 which shows you 100 trends that have been popular over the past few days. To see trends happening now, you can check out What The Trend which not only shwos you the top trends happenign right now but also gives an explanation as to why each trend is popular.


If you want to find out what is on people’s minds – for any given subject, a real time search will be interesting to you. At any time, you can type in a person, place, movie, or event – and instantly see what the chatter is. This is unique from a traditional search engine which will sort results similar from day to day – a real time search will always bring you the latest talk about any given subject matter. You can check out Twitter for an easy to use, real time search engine.


A lot of people use the real time web to share and promote links that are of interest to them. One problem is that since there is self internet behind many links – it is difficult to know which links are quality. One way to do this is to sum up all of the links shared on the real time web to find which ones have been shared the most. When you perform a search a Sency – you can see Today’s Most Popular links via the tab on the right hand side. Clicking this, will show you which links for your respective search query have been shared the most on the real time web. As more and more users take to the web to publish links that are of interest to them – real time web companies will be able to highlight the links that are the hottest – rigth now.

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