Spice It Up With The New WordPress App!

A few days ago, WordPress released an updated version of their iPhone app. Why is this significant? Well, WordPress has been adding in exciting features that, if used properly, could make you a mobile blogging machine! Let’s take a look at some of the things you can do.


With the emergence of the iPhone 4, there were a lot of requests to have the ability to record video with your phone and upload them directly to your blog. Well, the new WordPress apps allows you to do just that. You can record a video and immediately have it on your blog in minutes. Can you imagine the possibilities? Coupled with the iMovie app, you really add a new perspective on vlogging. You can witness an event and showcase it to your readers instantly. If you are looking for a new way to spice up your blog, try this approach. Your readers may enjoy it very much.

Media Library

Similar to the media library that you find on your self-hosted WordPress blog, this media library gives you full control over these elements in your phone. You can now also see the full details including size of your media. You can view the entire library where you can then choose and insert something right into your post. Taking a new picture and placing it directly into your new post is easier than ever also. Again, imagine covering an entire event live through pictures, right on your blog.


The new WordPress app has made it easier and safer to actually submit posts through your phone. In the past, a lot of users worried about if the post they submitted from their phone actually showed up on their blog. This is because sometimes they didn’t! The user would submit and then the local draft would be deleted. Thus their entire post is left floating somewhere in cyberspace. Now, the app runs a triple check to make sure that anything you try to upload is actually on your blog before it deletes the local draft. All this happens in less than 3 seconds. So, feel confident in using the app to post from.

Ready to give it a whirl?

How do you feel about the aspects of mobile blogging? Have you ever posted an entire blog post from your phone before? Do these new features excite you enough to give it a whirl? Let us know how you might implement this things to spice up your blog! You can find the app in your iTunes App Store, appropriate named WordPress.

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