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The ‘Must Have’ Royal Wedding Guide To The Blog You ‘Must Have’

Union Jack, LondonYes!

Just for you!

(Sorry if you’re fed up with our Big Event here in the UK but I couldn’t resist…)

Here it is…. (pause for fanfare)

The Must Have Royal Wedding Guide To The Blog You Must Have!

1.   Choose the right colour.

I loved watching all the fashions displayed at this wedding. Some were eye poppingly awful, others were charming.

Many adjectives came to mind (!) and I got to thinking about your blog and how to improve it.

It’s vital to choose the right colour for your header image and your site.

  • Is it sombre and depressing?
  • Is it too fussy with too many colours?
  • Is the colour scheme conveying the atmosphere you want?

I’m sure those guests took a while to choose the ‘right’ colour for their outfits.

You must too, or your reader might click away.  Your readers computers’ will have various web screen resolutions, you’ll want to do your best to ensure your blog displays well across the board.

2.   Long or short?

It was fascinating to see the variety of skirt lengths.

Most were shortish but some very short indeed. Some were longer and more elegant but nonetheless suitable for the occasion.

Have you noticed how blog posts vary in length?

Which do you prefer to read? Long or short?

I try to write ‘medium’ length posts that I don’t get bored writing and you (hopefully) won’t get bored reading.

In my view you should write to a length you’re comfortable with for your topic. Just as with fashion, different lengths of skirt are comfortable for different occasions.

You must choose what feels right for you.

3.   Show your feelings.

We certainly did that. Waving flags, cheering, parties in the streets – not what we Brits do very often, well, not in public!

Your blog should show your feelings.

I believe you should -

  • be prepared to share an opinion with your readers to encourage discussion in the comments,
  • write as you would speak if your readers were in the room with you,
  • use humour where appropriate,
  • try to develop a style of writing that’s honest,
  • don’t be afraid to get animated, be angry, show pleasure or sorrow,
  • but try not to give offence.

Can you tell whose blog you’re reading by the style alone?

4.   Be brave!

I read today that Pippa Middleton’s bottom has a Face Book Fan Page!

Not sure what I think about that but whoever started it was very brave.

I’m not suggesting you should do the same (!) but I have come to realise that we must be brave in blogging.

Like this -

  • be brave selecting topics to write about,
  • be brave in choosing thought provoking images that enhance your post rather than merely decorate it,
  • be brave in commenting on as many blogs as you can spare valuable writing time for,
  • be brave in asking for help from blogging sites,
  • be brave in making friends on blogging forums and sites,
  • be brave in challenging views you feel strongly about.

If you want to stand out from the crowd, like some of those crazy outfits did, you have to be brave.

5.   Focus on one person.

Wills and Kate certainly did that – they focused on one another, in the huge crowd.

They showed the world that they were devoted to one another, putting their own needs to one side.

I try to focus on one reader when I write my posts.

I imagine what you would like help with, and write just for you.

I pretend you’re here with me and I’m helping you to solve a problem. Since I’ve started to do this I believe my posts have improved. I hope so. I’m doing this on my ‘Other Blog’ too.

I hope you will try some of the points in this Royal Wedding Guide and that some of the ‘magic’ rubs off on you.

Phew! Another 45 minute post!  Need a coffee now…  While I go downstairs to make it -

Do tell me in the comments:

  • What can you add to this Royal Wedding Guide?
  • What advice can you pass on to help develop the ‘blog you must have’?
  • What one improvement have you made to your blog that brings the results you seek?