The Major Types of Updates your Social Media Profile Should Have

social media updatesGiven that social media is among the most lucrative means of business promotion online, maximizing the efforts being put unto it as well as leveraging the potential it could have for your business is quite essential.

Usually, it is being done by posting regular updates which are in relation to the type of business you are in as well as the products and/or services you are offering to your prospects and customers. It could be by way of a status update through your business’ Facebook page or a 140-short tweet from Twitter.

Since a social media profile of your business calls for regular updates, it is indeed essential that you have to pick out which type of updates you should post in your social media accounts to be able to empower the social media presence of your business.

While there are a range of topics or updates eligible to be posted on a social media profile, I have sum up here a few of the main types of updates you have to post to your business’s social media profile to be able to reach an even wider range of customers and to keep them coming back for more.

Updates/News related to your business field

Do you own a business about car parts and accessories? Why not post some new updates from the latest trends and news within the automotive industry?

With this, your fans or followers will be able to know more about what’s happening on the field with the information you have provided.  By doing such things, you could be able to establish a better business brand by being a thought leader or the one having the expertise in a particular field.

Just don’t write it all up on your social media account, though (remember there is a limit to your number of characters on Twitter) but instead, provide a link pointing out to your business’ website or blog or perhaps link it to an article which you have just read which refers to the same topic.

Some links to helpful and interesting content

Have a new content to share to your fans and followers? Well, you could give it out as an update by putting in some snippet of the post and then a link below or next to it. This typically applies to a blog content but it doesn’t mean that a new content from simply a non-blog website is not on the list. Remember, just make it new or you’ll bore your followers.

Links pointing to other helpful information

Sharing other links on your social media profile isn’t really a bad idea at all. Always keep in mind that you are not the only one who makes such relevant and engaging content. If you happened to stumble upon some blog posts or a content which you think could be of a great help to your audience, then why not share?

Some analytics have indeed shown that it is one good way of bringing in new audience to your social media business profile, regardless of the source may be, just as long as they find it interesting and in connection to your business.

Deals, promotions, contests and freebies

Do you have a new product or a new service to offer? Or perhaps some promotion, contest, or freebie to hand over to your audience? If so, then post them as an update right away! What would be the use of them if you let them unnoticed to your customers?

Attract more and more audience as well as prospects by simply announcing an upcoming contests and deals. Got freebies? Who wouldn’t want then anyway? I think everybody does, and updating about it is just the right thing to do.

Answers questions from the audience

Most of your audience subscribe to your updates because they want to know something from you and assume that you are an expert in that particular field. So the next time a customer asks a question from you, don’t ever bother answering them. You could actually make their day and at the same time, it is one good way of showing how you value your audience.

Surveys and polls from your audience

When establishing a brand on social media, it is really important to consider your customer’s feedbacks and hearing their opinions as well. And this could best be done through polls and surveys. Through this, you will be able to receive feedbacks and know more about the opinion as well as the preferences your audience may have.

Humor related to the industry

Why the need to be so serious? Everyone wants to have some bit of humor in their end and you could use it to be part of your business update as well. However, you have to come up with a way that you could put in some sense of humor into your next status update.

In fact, it increases user engagement (such as the likes, tweets, comments, etc…) and also gives a positive light to your business’ social media presence at the same time.

The next time you make an update, try to be short but straight to the point (don’t overlook the character limit..!) This will help your audience not to be confused at what you are trying to point them out.

Got another essential type of update for your social media profile? Why not leave a comment below. Thanks!

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