What to Do After you Start a Blog

start a blogWhat to do after you start a blog

You want to start a blog, but have no clue how to go about it.  Then, this book is for you.

You’ve started a blog – now what? It’s just sitting there and no one knows it exists.   Your obsessive stat-checking has led you to believe that no one will ever know it exists.

The daunting task of set up in the first place has left you feeling strained and a bit overwhelmed.  The  process may have taken longer than you’d planned for. 

There may have been technical difficulties that threatened to kill your blog before it even started.

Now that all of that’s over it probably feels a bit anti-climatic.  People are not flocking to your site in droves like you’d hoped.  This book is for you, too!

Start with a system that works

Take lessons from the Problogger, Darren Rowse, himself.  His latest ebook contains lessons he’s learned and insights he’s gained since he first began more than eight years ago.

His new ebook will show you the essential steps to take after you start a blog.  It’s the model he uses for every new one he starts.

With this book you’ll learn how to:

  • Use foundational brainstorming techniques.
  • Create a content plan—and content, of course!
  • Build a social media presence.
  • Create practical quality assurance tools.
  • Set up a publishing process.
  • Master the components of a post.
  • Develop your blog’s ongoing strategy.

Every day comes with a new essential task to complete that will help ensure the success of your new blog.

Who is this book for?

This book is ideal for:

  • Anyone who’s ready to start a blog
  • Anyone who is new to blogging
  • Anyone who wants to create a 2nd or 3rd blog with better results

So check it and then be sure to let me know how it works out for you.  I can’t wait to hear your success stories!

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