Social Proof Challenge, Plus Week 2 Results

Go to any successful blog – look around and I’ll tell you what you will find:

  • Active Twitter Counters, usually in the triple digits
  • Lots of Twitter followers
  • Lots of Facebook Likes/Fans
  • Lots of RSS subscribers
  • Lots of comments (unless they’ve disabled them)
  • Lots of people interacting with each other

What a successful blog is not the owner telling you that its a successful blog – but the social proof to back up that claim.  These days search engines are paying more and more attention to social proof  - a blog that can produce that, plus great content (as a pre-req) – is one that will flourish.

With that said, you can probably guess what this week’s challenge is going to be:

Week 3 Challenge:  Social Proof

Team with most Twitter followers, RTs, +1s, FB Fans win immunity!

  1. Produce a MAX of 10 posts by the end of the week (If you go over, there’s no penalty, but only the first 10 posts will be counted).  - up to 10 points.
  2. Get the most followers on Twitter – 1 point per follower – 1000 max (you can go over, but I’m only counting a max of 1000)
  3. Get the most unique RTs (non-member, 1 per person) – 1 point per unique RT
  4. Get the most FB Fans/likes – 1 point per fan/like – 1000 max
  5. Get the most +1s (Make sure you have Google+ button installed) – 1 point per +1
  6. Most unique Comments (non-team member, 1 per person) – 2 ponts per unique comment .

Deadline Friday, Oct. 28  11:59pm, EST.

Week 2 Results

Again, both teams are really working hard.  In a matter of two weeks, both blogs have managed to generate an Alexa ranking that improves daily.

As of this morning: –  461,759 – 429,524

Clearly, they are doing some pretty amazing work!

But what did they have to say about it?

Highs has to be working with such a fantastic bunch of people. I am fairly new to whole blogging world and there is so much that I don’t know..especially geeky side yet the Team are great. All I have to do is send out a “help, how do I….” and within minutes – ding, I get a reply from someone on Team offering to show me how to do it, offer me a link or just fix it for me. Its a real nice feeling to feel part of a growing community of bloggers.

My daughters are busy watching what we are doing and it is good for them to see adults, from different countries,  cultures and  backgrounds work together, share our knowledge and expertise. Part of NextGoal’s mission is to leave a legacy and from the positive feedback received from my daughters and friends and family we are doing that.

No lows, except the time difference means we have to work extra hard as a Team to make sure we communicate and allow for our difference working schedule/time zone commitments..but so far we have managed to flex and work around the issues. So, yeah, all in all a mighty fine week. - Ntathu Allen


What was good – The opportunity to research and write fast – not something I’ve done a lot of.   And clearly, since I was out written at two to one, it’s a skill I need more practice at! :)   

What was especially challenging – The number of hours required by this challenge was ‘all you have plus one’. With a challenge that required ‘as many posts as you can write’, the week reminded me of the night before critique at architecture school. It wasn’t easy for those with other commitments.

Hats off to team two for achieving not only more writing, but more visitors. - Anthony Smits


This challenge exposed my weakness as a blogger. I do NOT write well under pressure. It’s the reason I gave up blogging in the first place: I refuse to compromise integrity (authenticity) for form’s sake.The low point was the abrupt departure of a team mate – at crunch time. Perhaps the tickets had been purchased. LOL

The high point, Anthony showed what he was made of. He led the team like a champ, edited a passel of posts and still managed to keep up a running banter on the blog. - Mitchell Allen


The low point of the week was worrying that our efforts to match the other team might not be enough. Luckily, it worked out for us in the end, and our concern was unwarranted.  
The high point of the week was waking up every morning (USA evening time) to find that number of comments had doubled up. Honestly, I lost track of it all in the end, The Next Goal became an interactive ‘bazaar’. - Neeraj Sachdeva


The high point for us was seeing it all come together.  The entire team rallied together to create some wonderful posts, and everyone motivated their own personal networks to join us in the effort.  The result, as you can see in our score, was amazing!  Far better than we anticipated, and for that we are grateful!

I’m going to cop out on the low point, because for me there just wasn’t one this week.  From the first day when we met up on Skype to create an attack plan, we launched with full force and it paid off.  There were no technical difficulties, no internal conflict within the team, and never a struggle to get the results we felt like we deserved.  It was a great week and I look forward to repeating the process for this next challenge! - Brandon Freund

High: I continue to be amazed by our team – the way we work together so effectively. The way we manage to have fun, and respect and trust each other. It’s like watching a team of experienced chefs dancing around each other in a tiny kitchen, still managing to make it look effortless (which it’s not!) and produce a gourmet dish.

Low: Having to ice my hands down and remember to sleep. Seriously – I need to learn not to try to write War and Peace and pass it off as a blog post. Week 2 was exhausting. And honestly, I was surprised – I felt surely those devious folks on Team 1 were holding posts in drafts, and comments in moderation, to spring on us by surprise at the 11th hour. We did not let ourselves get complacent, despite having higher numbers consistently through the week. - Holly Jahangiri


So who won this week’s challenge?  Take a look at how each team scored:
  • Team 1 – 2.16 Average Comments per post (18 posts) – 0 Points
  • Team 2 – 7.69 Average Comments per post (33 posts) – 33 Points
This week’s winning team:  

Team 2:


Congratulations Team 2 on Winning this week’s challenge!

So how did they do it?

They organized a contest that encouraged comments and gave a way a signed “Ebb and Flow” print to one lucky winner.

If you’ve been following this blog for a while, you’ll noticed that I try to organize at least 2 contests per year – that’s because it’s a great way to give back to your readers and build your blog simultaneously!

It’s a no-brainer really – it’s no different from what the best local radio stations do to keep readers listening – they keep great contests going.  Some big some small, but it keeps people engaged.  So hats off to team 2 for applying this highly effective strategy.

Team that had to vote off a member:

With 2 out of 4 votes – we have to say goodbye to:

Rob Boirun @burnworld

Mr. Rob Boirun  aka Dead Eye for Bowling and Hockey Shooting Skills. Not that good at darts for some reason.

Born in South Cally and raised in South Fla and now call home in Huntsville, Alabamer and I don’t have a southern accent. Not that there is anything wrong with it, I’m actually taking a liking to it now having been around it for 7 years.  Actually I’m picking up some terms and using them regularly like Ya’ll and Roll Tide, whatever that is :).

The important info that should help be stand out is that I’m not a traditional blogger.  I’m mainly into ‘tech’ and run a few websites around the tech industry. I have recently added a ‘blog’ and have started to spin the usual drab tech info into something a little more useful.  I’m not at the level of TechCrunch or a few other tech blogs mainly because I focus on niches within the tech industry.

My main blog at has over 50k email and rss subscribers.  I have been working full time at blogging/web design/IM/SEO for over 10 years now and really enjoy the freedom as I’m sure you do.

Sorry to see you go…

I hope you’ve enjoyed this experience!

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