5 Reasons That Force Me to Reject Your Comment on My Blog

Blog Commenting is one of the best and recommended methods for driving targeted traffic and backlinks to a website.

No doubt, you will gain many more benefits from your blog commenting activities if you are doing it with a positive frame of mind and want to contribute something to the blogging community.

But as there is a good and bad way to go about blog commenting.

If you are serious about it, you will end up writing a decent comment but the result could be bad or just a waste of time if you are not taking it seriously.

If you happen to be the owner of a popular blog, you will encounter all kinds of comments on your blog. Some of them will be good, some average and lots of them just spam which you definitely won’t publish on your blog.

Before moving on to the topic for the day, let’s talk in brief about a few benefits you will enjoy if you do blog commenting the right way:

  • You will get lots of targeted backlinks
  • You will be able to drive lots of quality traffic to your website
  • You will end up building a healthy relationship with fellow bloggers and their readers
  • Better presence for you and your brand in the blogging industry

I have been working in the blogging niche for quite some time now and I used to moderate lots of comments on my blogs.

Here are 5 reasons why I decide to reject a particular comment on my blog:

1. Not Using Your Real Name

This is the most obvious reason why I used to reject lots of comments on my blog. Many commentators would write comments while using SEO Optimized Keywords in name field.

If you are a real person, don’t use keywords in your name field. No one you know actually calls you “Best SEO Services” or anything of that sort. You should be using your real name or your brand name in the name field to help me approve your comments on my blog.

2. Your Comment is not Relevant to the Topic in Hand

I will instantly reject your comment if it is not in line with the topic in hand. I really hate those short comments like Nice post, Cool Post, Love Your Post, etc. Such kinds of comments are not going to take my blog anywhere.

I would love to accept only quality comments on my blog. If your comment is related to the post topic, even if its short, I will approve it. So when writing comments on a blog post, make sure you are not repeating this mistake. And you should read the post content once before you start writing your comment.

3. Your have Added Links in Your Comment Body

Normally, you should be entering your website URL in the URL section and not in the comment body section. If you are adding self-serving links that have no relation with the topic, you are inviting me to move your comment from Pending State to Spam state. So make sure you are not using any unrelated or affiliate link in the comment body.

4. You are Sharing the Copied Content

On some occasions, I happen to see some lengthy comments on my blog. Sometime they are as big as as our normal blog posts. Even a few of them look to be related to the topic in discussion, but I love to see if the commentator has written it specifically for my blog or its just copy and paste work. I would not want to publish duplicate content in any form on my blog to be on the safer side with Google. To check the uniqueness of such suspicious content, I use to search a line of text from such comment in doubt quotes on Google.

5. You Are Using Bad or Hatred Language

If you are using bad language or your comment contains words of hatred, I’m not going to publish your comment by any means on my blog. I would also reject a comment if its against the fact or its commentator is trying to misguide my blog readers with his nonsense ideas.

These were some of common reasons, which ask me to reject a comment on my blog. Do you keep certain points, have some policy in mind before making decision about accepting, or rejecting a particular comment on your blog? Please share in the comments section.

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