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5 Reasons to Enter WBB’s Guest Posting Contest: The Prize Amounts Are In!

Cash Speaks Louder Than WordsThe first thing that comes to your mind may be the cash prizes.  Read on to find out how much you could win if you join the WBB Guest Posting Contest!

Cash is definitely an awesome perk.  However, there are more reasons why you should try to enter every guest posting contest that you can.

1.  More Exposure and Potential Traffic

Based on how catchy your title is and how well you write the post, your post could potentially be seen by thousands of people.

Posts from this site often get picked up by popular content aggregating sites such as Technorati (blogging topics), Social Media Today (for social media topics), The Daily Brainstorm (blogging and writing topics), Alltop and a host of others.

Entering this guest posting contest could put your name and your content in front of tons of new viewers.

2.  Authority and Credibility

A well-written guest post can do wonders to strengthen and build your authority and credibility.  The more readers see your name around the blogosphere, they’ll begin to see you as a blogger to watch.

3.  Networking Opportunities

Having a guest post published in front of a new audience means you’ll have new opportunities to network with all of the commentators on a deeper level.  Blog readers respect guests who’ve written extremely useful and quality content and are more likely to want to connect with you.

Make it a point to get to know everyone who comments on your guest post and before you know it, you’ll be forming some new and interesting blogging alliances.

4.  Links

If you enter this guest posting contest you’ll be allowed up to 3 Do-follow links back to your blog and/or Twitter and FB profiles.  That’s an amazing opportunity to build back links for your site and gain further authority with search engines.

5.  Cash and Other Prizes

Nothing is more fulfilling than having your hard work pay off in cold hard cash!

The Guest Posting Contest prizes are in!

As new sponsors come in, these prizes will increase.  If you’re interested in sponsoring, I’ll only be accepting sponsors for a couple more weeks, so don’t hesitate to contact me for details.

$550 $1100 $1200 Total Guest Posting Contest Prizes

1st Place:

$450 USD Paypal Funds + Choice of 1 of the following prizes:

  • Blog Improvement Package (Blog audit, blog improvement recommendation, premium theme choice, and a new logo redesign or custom header) – Courtesy of Danny Brown


2nd Place:

$350 USD Paypal Funds + The remaining remaining prize (see above)

3rd Place:

$225 USD Paypal Funds

4th Place:

$125 USD Paypal Funds

5th Place:

$100  USD Paypal Funds

NEW Update:  Special Entries

$25 USD Paypal Funds for Best Affiliate Marketing Guest Post (Courtesy of James – The E Cigarette Direct Affiliate Program)

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