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Quality Content Generation Challenge, Plus Week 1 Results

The more content a new blog has, the more likely it will capture the attention of the search engines and most importantly, loyal readers.

It doesn’t matter if you can generate a boat load of traffic to a site if there’s no reason for people to hang around.  You want people to be able to dive into your site, to be able to click around and just soak up all of the awesome knowledge that you have to share.

So this leads me to this week’s insane challenge -

Week 2 Challenge:  Quality Content Generation

Most Quality Blog Posts Wins Immunity

  • Each post that fulfills the following requirements be counted as a quality post.  The team with the most quality blog posts wins immunity for this week.
  • Produce at least 2 daily posts throughout the week (but obviously, the more the better!)
  • Must be a real blog post that one or more members of the team have written, not duplicate content, not a random rant, not PLR content, no article spinning, and it must fit within your blog’s niche and contribute value
  • Must be 400-600 in length.
  • Must average at least 7 comments.

(*Team member replies not included)

Deadline: Friday, Oct. 21, 11:59pm. EST

At the end of that time, I’ll count off all of the posts that meet those requirements – the team with the highest number wins!

Week 1 Results…

The first week has been quite exciting – and a bit heated.  Both teams have been working extremely hard and have been doing an amazing job.  I’m so amazed by the work they’ve done.

But we’ve come to the moment where it’s time to tally up and present the results.

Over the weekend there was some controversy over whether or not the votes were somehow padded or that something fishy was going on.  I assure you – there was no tinkering with the votes and therefore, I’m keeping the poll results and moving forward.  However, for the next vote, instead of using a poll, I’ll allow voting directly in the comments section, that way everyone’s vote can be accounted for.  Of course, that removes anonymity (which I don’t quite agree with) but to be fair and clear, that’s what we’re going to do.

Some Highlights

The low point was trying to decide on a topic!  Blogging by committee is something I’d never experienced before.  Picking a topic is the hardest part of starting up any blog.  Trying to pick a topic to please 5 potential owners – now that’s another story! But the good news is we finally decided, and it was a great decision to make.
I think the highest point was approaching the deadline watching everything pull together.  We got a solid design, some great posts, an awesome video, everyone was working as hard as possible to make everything perfect before going live.  It’s really exciting to see it all come together.  We’ve had a few meet ups online to chat and it’s been a very enjoyable experience on team 2 here.  Once our visions for the sight aligned, we just took it and ran with it.  - Brandon Freund 
High point of the week for me was when we were finally able to “meet” each other online for a video chat and finalize our action plan for the week.  After exchanging dozens of emails all week, it was nice to actually have a live discussion.
The low point of the week would definitely be the time zone issues.  Our team is spread out over three different continents, so it is tough to find a time when we can all discuss something at the same time.  It made choosing the domain name and theme very tough.  However, after several days of struggling, we finally have things down to a working routine.  - Larry Lourcey  [Want to read more about Larry's experience with this contest?  Hop over to his blog to read Outside Your Comfort Zone.

Since I was a late comer to the group I was not part of the initial url or concept of the site which was a bummer because I did have a few good ideas I conjured up beforehand.  I did however present these ideas which were well received but since the main idea was already agreed upon by the group it was best to carry out that plan.

Since I was not part of the original concept the content planning and ethos was put upon our leader Anthony. I took a roll of setting up the plugins for the design phase and organizing my notes for some posts which I know will be needed in the following weeks. Working with the Genesis framework and the Delicious theme was a snap. I have used this framework many times in the past and the Delicious theme is beautifully done. - Rob Boirun


As everyone knows, I LOVE this concept and think it’s going to set a precedent spearheading a completely new movement for the future of blogging and help reviving some of the culture, making it exciting again.  The low point for me was the dark cloud hanging over the comments, but from expereince I know that this is inevitable, as it’s the nature of forums and interactions of this kind. We have to remember that there’s a lot of noise between everyone; like different cultures, backgrounds, personalities, belief systems, creed, ethos, time zones, context etc. And these have to be sifted out to clearly understand each comment and interactions between people, and unfortunately, things get misinterpreted and misunderstood, and reactions are heated because of it. 

The high point was working with such a group of talented professionals. I don’t know if it was intended like this by the organizers, but I noticed a VERY good balance between gifts, talents and expereince. I imagine it would have been VERY difficult (and perhaps boring) if we were all creative designers, or authors/writers, or technical people. - Ivin Vilijoen [Want to read more about Ivin's experience?  Visit his blog to read Surviving the Blog Vlog.


What was good - The opportunity to deepen relationships with new people and the excitement of a challenge to build something new and different.  It’s a different type of community building than I’ve been used to and the experience of waiting days to reach consensus on small items has been great for building tolerance.  
What was especially challenging - never being able to talk ‘live’ with any of the team, either individually or all at once.  Half the team was away for a large slice of the time, due to personal circumstances not foreseen.  This led to emails going unread for hours or days and decisions couldn’t be made.  I think team two did better because they were able to solve the communication problem and we couldn’t.  There were a host of things that would have been changed or fixed or done differently had we been able to communicate quicker.  It’s something I hope the survivors put more effort into resolving. - Anthony Smits


So who won this week’s challenge?  Take a look at how each team scored:

Votes (20 points went to the team with the most votes, 10 Points for team with the least).

Team 1:  10                                                                     Team 2: 20

Domain Name – up to 10 Points

Team 1: 10                                                                      Team 2: 10

Best design – up to 50 Points 

Each Judge gave a rating from 1-10 (10 being the best) and those points were added up).

Team 1:      21                                                                  Team 2:  41

All Basic Pages Complete (About the Team, Contact, Privacy Policy, Affiliate Disclosure) – up to 10 Points

Team 1:      3                                                                     Team 2: 10

Completed Required Tasks up to 10 Points

Team 1:      6                                                                     Team 2:  10


Team 1:    50

Team 2:   91

This week’s winning team:  

Team 2:  TheNextGoal.com


Team that has to vote off a member:

Team 1:  CrimsonSoapBox.com



 Mavis Nong


 Donna Fontenot

Kiesha Easley


So Who’s Getting Voted Off…?

I know you’re burning to see who will be packing up and leaving the island.  You’ll find out who’s leaving – tomorrow.  Stay tuned…