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Planning Your Blog, and Blogging Your Plan – Part 2 of 3

In the first part of this series, you learned how important it is to dedicate regular time to writing for your blog. You also learned that you need to find a viable niche, and the only way to really do this is by identifying internet communities that discuss it.

Once you have that, you need to become a center of influence.

You’re a Champ in Your Niche

You might not realize it, but you already are super knowledgeable in your niche. Think about it – how many people don’t know anything about what you’re interested in? It doesn’t matter how many people you think are interested in your chosen topic, because every day someone new decides they want to look into it, or at least look something up that’s related to it.

To the newcomer, even the most moderate amount of knowledge can prove valuable. If you’re not a newcomer, you have access to that knowledge, since you are already reading and communicating with others about this interest.

If you don’t participate in the forums, chat rooms, or social groups that revolve around this niche, you should start immediately. Read for at least an hour every day on the topic. Take notes about frequently asked questions and the answers that prove the most valuable. Use the internet to do some additional research, and you’ll learn a lot more about the subject.

Over time, you will become a knowledgeable expert, even to others who have been studying the niche for years. If you make this a daily habit, it will happen a lot sooner than you realize.

You’re a Champ, so Speak Like One

If seem like a knowledgeable expert, even only to a newbie, then you are a knowledgeable expert. So why shouldn’t you communicate with confidence when writing about your topic? Avoid second guessing yourself in your topic.

Try to avoid words and phrases like ”might,” “may or may not be,” “probably,” or “could be.” If you think that someone, or something is the best in your niche, then say it. If you think that something is the worst, a bad idea, or even downright stupid, then say that, too.

Are there going to be some things you’re not sure about? Absolutely! So that’s when you turn to your community and ask them. The information you gather from the communities answers serves as the basis for yet another great, informative blog post.

It’s just as easy to use your blog to look for new answers, too, especially if you have lots of adoring readers already. Make a special post asking them what they’d like to see you write about next.

You don’t even need to write a special post – you could edit your most popular post and add a call to action that tells your readers to tell you what they want to read about in the comments. You could even add this call to action to every post you write.

So, alright, there you go. You have your blog, you write for it on a regular basis, and you’re learning lots of great things that you should share on it. Then, how do you actually build up an audience without having to spend a bunch of cash on advertising? That’s easy, and you’ll figure it out in the next post in the series.