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Newsletter Subscriber Challenge, Plus Week 4 Results

Building an email list is probably one of the slowest and most difficult tasks when it comes to blogging.  It’s difficult to get people to give up their email addresses when there are so many blogs asking for them.

But having an email list that you can contact when you’ve got valuable information to share or when you need help is essential in maintaining a successful blog.  So this week, that’s what the contestants are up against – building a email list.

This week’s challenge:  Build an Individual Subscriber List

The Team Member with most Subscribers to his/her individual newsletter link wins Immunity!

This week, they’ll be competing against their own team mates, to see who can get the most subscribers in a week!

Here’s what they have to do:

1. Sign up for a free account at Mailchimp.com if they don’t already have one.

2.  Locate their list subscribe link and promote their individual link in blog posts.

3.  Everyone should try to produce at least 2 blog posts this week.  They can add their subscriber link to the top and/or bottom of each of post.  There will be no points added or subtracted for post production, however, the more blog posts they write means more opportunities for people to subscribe to their link.

4. Get as many total newsletter subsribers as possible.

Tips for getting more subscribers:
1.  Post a reminder to subscribe at the top or bottom of your blog posts, ask people to subscribe if they enjoyed reading your post.
2.  Create a free report to give away in exchange for subscription.
3.  Send out tweets asking for subscribers.
4.  Conduct a giveaway or contest.

Deadline:  Friday, November 11, 2011, 11:59 pm EST.

Last Week’s Results

Let’s see what the contestants had to say about last week’s Blog Engage Challenge

Week’s High:

For me, I think it was all the fun I had interviewing Ms. Ileane, and getting startled by her special, Halloween “Audioboo”! Getting reacquainted with Blog Engage, many of its members, and all membership there has to offer serious bloggers, was also fun.

Week’s Low:

Knowing that this day was coming. I don’t think any of us have been looking forward to a time when our teammates would also seriously be our competition – it’s been a lot of fun competing against the OTHER team (even if it’s a friendly rivalry), but now it’s starting to feel a bit sad. I think our readers are starting to get a bit sad about it, as well. Several have remarked on how much they’re enjoying the blog that we’ve built, and how much they hope we’ll keep it going – as a team – regardless of how the contest turns out. ~ Holly Jahangiri


Hi point this week: Getting to know Brian a little, at last. Blog Engage is a great site. Low point this week; the end of the partnership with Mitch in this challenge. It’s been amazing to have a ringside seat to Mitch’s creativity. ~ Anthony Smits




The high point was the fact that this was the first time Anthony and I could just write. I had a lot of fun creating what I hoped was link bait. ~ Mitch Allen



So which team won this week’s challenge and who got voted off?

You’ll have to head over to Blog Engage to find out which team won the Blog Engage Challenge and find out who got voted off.  You’ll also find out the special details about the latest challenge and why things may get a little heated this week…