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Networking Blast Challenge, Plus Week 7 Results

A few months ago, I wrote a post called 7 Signs You’re a Hacker & 5 Ways to Use it to Your Advantage as part of a cross-blog series with bloggers:  Hector Cuevas, Ana Hoffman, and Alex Whalley.  It turned out to be such a successful series, that I thought it would be great if I could get an A-list blogger to check it out and share it.  I gave it a try and was able to get Darren Rowse to tweet the post to his follow.  The exhilaration I felt that day was unmatchable!

And that is the inspiration for this week’s challenge:

Week 8 Challenge:  Networking Blast  

Get a celebrity or an A-List Blogger to Share your content 

  • Let’s definite a celebrity as a famous person that the majority of us can agree are well-known and have had some coverage in mainstream media.
  • Let’s define an A-list  blogger as any blogger who owns a blog within the top 5,000 Alexa ranking.
  • Let’s define sharing content as either tweeting, liking on FB, +1ing on Google+, or linking to any of the posts a contestant has written for TheNextGoal.

Tasks for the week:

1.  Produce at least 2 blog posts this week – 20 points each.
2.  Each share will be worth 40 points.
3.  Links will be worth 50 points, but must be a link mentioned in a blog post and can not be a guest post.

Deadline:  Friday, December 9, 2011 – 11:59 pm EST.

Last Week’s Results

Let’s see what the contestants had to say about last week’s Insane Traffic Generation Challenge

My thoughts for this week…”it has been quite a tough emotional week for me. One of the things my teacher taught me was “you are your business” and the need to make sure your energy and vitality are in tip top condition as you give what you receive.  This week I was really touched by the support and encouragement from people who don’t know me yet are willing to vote/share my work with their network , spur me on and comment on my posts. Its very humbling to read and share in our readers lives. 

My energy was low yet I was still able to draw on my reserves and yoga knowledge to keep my focus, write, connect with others, be present for my girls and most important for me, to be gentle with myself and make time to do my personal yoga practice. In the past I would ignore my inner world, eat junk and generally put my personal needs on hold/blank them out and push myself to complete and be out there.. that competitive urge is still there yet I was really pleased to see myself put the “pressures of work/life” to one side and allow myself to  rest, nurture and nourish my core.

Being on the challenge and exposed to so much talent and expertise knowledge is BOOM!! every day, there would be some new tip or blogging insight in my email box, the trick, for me, is knowing what to open, focus on and read. It is so easy to be overwhelmed and end up chasing every shiny button and offer, and end up doing nothing. I am real thankful I was able to be a witness to what was going on inside and not get too caught up in all the drama and get myself totally stressed out and panicky. Hope this all makes sense!

Low point, as always having to vote someone off our team. We have come so far an everyone adds their piece of magic to the team. Thanks Kiesha and Ana for informative videos. ”  ~ Ntathu Allen

HIGH POINT:  Having Chris Rene’s sister stop by the blog and comment on my post about her brother.  That was a very nice surprise.
LOW POINT:  Having to hope that my teammates didn’t get much traffic.  After so many weeks of working as a team, it is hard to view them as competitors. ~ Larry Sourcey
This week’s high point was completing an e-book, and offering it without any kind of signup! Writing about happiness isn’t easy, as we all have different ways to achieve it. But I was glad to receive positive feedback on its engaging content and strong action plan.
I found this week’s challenge comparably difficult. After winning the last challenge, it feels bad to not win this one. I tried, but Holly and Larry were impressively better at attracting visitors. Guess it shows the difference in engagement level that we are all at. This unfortunately was the low point, but hope I can turn that around! ~ Neeraj Sachdeva

So which team member won this week’s challenge and who got voted off?

You’ll have to head over to Traffic Generation Cafe to find out which team member won the Insane Traffic Generation Challenge and find out who got voted off.