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In addition to Kiesha Easley, who owns and manages WeBlogBetter, this blog features posts by a team of dedicated members. These bloggers write regularly for this site, providing valuable content that will help you blog better.  Please take a moment to visit their blogs and follow them on Twitter and Facebook.

Linda Hewett

Linda is a writer, blogger and confidence coach.
Her blog is Positive Spin – Helping You Face Life Full On without Fear – And Feel Great About It!

In her blog, Linda looks for the ‘positive spin’ in our daily lives and encourages you to look for the ‘small stuff’ that’s easy to miss, or even dismiss.She believes that confidence comes in many disguises. All you have to do is…look.  You can follow her on Twitter @LindaMHewett

Rebecca Osberg

Rebecca owns a Social Media Writing Boutique, where she consults with small businesses to ramp up their exposure and sales using effective writing.  She also takes her own advice, and writes a daily blog giving small businesses tips on how to use social media to their advantage.  Connect with her on Twitter @RebeccaOsberg.

Brankica Underwood

Brankica blogs at Live Your Love blog.  She helps those who want to learn how to blog like a star. If you want to get some additional tips and connect, follower her on Twitter @LiveUrLove.

Jane Sheeba

Jane writes about Blogging Tips, Relationships and Self Improvement at her blog Find All Answers. To buzz you up with tech news she runs She offers two free ebooks Problogging for Newbies” and “Your Guide To Better Time Management” for you to grab. You can follow her on Twitter (@janesheeba).

Hajra Khatoon

Hajra is a psychologist by profession. For the past year she has been doing freelance content writing.  She started blogging six months back when she  was unemployed.  She blogs at Hajra Kvetches, a blog that highlights the humorous, satirical way to look at life’s events.  You can follow her on Twitter at @hajraks and Facebook.

Melanie Kissell

Melanie is a Mompreneur who shares small business mindset and shoestring marketing strategies with savvy solopreneurs and moms who want to say goodbye to the corporate world, work from home, and design a life that’s right for them. Come by and knock on her door at Solo Mompreneur. The coffee pot is always brewing!

Christopher Rice

Christopher writes about optimizing your content, enhancing your meta, categorization, and creating a powerful link architecture … all in effort to help you get more links, get more traffic, and make more money. Helping you understand search engine optimization so you can get on with your work … read more from him at

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