Mastering the Art of Content Strategy

content-strategy-burgerIf you’re in the business of Internet marketing, content strategy must already be an idea clear to you. There is no way of achieving any long-term success without one. But with the rapid advances in technology, you need to start updating your content strategy to keep up.

Simply looking for the right keywords and using them in good content is not enough. Mobile devices and social media have changed the game. So how do you attain mastery of the art of content strategy in these volatile times?

Advancing the Basics with your content strategy

Content with multimedia is usually better-looking than just plain text, and is easier to digest for readers. It also helps to make use of captions, alt tags visible to search engines, and filenames that describe the pictures.

Flash looks fancy but it doesn’t get picked up by search engines; so if you are going to use it on your site, keep it to a minimum.  This also slows down the pages, which search engines also factor in to their ranking of your website. The key here is to communicate with your web designer so the site still looks good while optimized.

Publishing Schedule

Being able to publish content is one thing, being able to publish content consistently is another – this is an important part of the content strategy. People will frequently visit a website if they know they get reliable updates of good content. By setting up a schedule, you and/or your team will feel responsible enough to keep producing what people want on a regular basis.

There is much profit to be made by continually churning out quality content, so you should keep to the schedule and gradually increase the number to earn even more.

Social Media Sharing

The ever-rising population of Internet users with accounts on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and other social media sites should be taken advantage of for greater visibility and conversion.  Facebook is the biggest platform, which also gets people interacting in more ways compared to other sites; thus, getting your website some exposure there is a top priority.

Of course, there’s also no denying the influence of other social media sites so you should also explore ways to get your content shared on those sites. Using social share buttons is one step in the right direction with their ease-of-use, non-invasiveness, and call-to-action characteristics.  A content strategy without social media is incomplete.

Mobile Optimization

More and more people are switching to mobile devices when it comes to Internet use, leaving their desktop PCs and laptops behind for homes and offices, and taking their smartphones and tablets on the go. If your website is not mobile friendly, visitors who stumble upon it won’t return upon seeing stretched out text, multimedia that won’t play, and pages that take forever to load.

Creating an app for your website streamlining the content is one way of doing this. Rewarding mobile users with original content that can’t be found in the main website will also give them a reason to check it out instead of just waiting until they get back home to sit in front of their computers. There are also web services that offer “mobilization” of websites for a price.

These higher levels of content strategy won’t come easy for a while, but once you’ve mastered how to apply them, you’ll be climbing up the ranks in no time.

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