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Marketing your Blog Offline

QR Codes

As bloggers, it is easy to become complacent with our marketing strategies. Often times we limit our advertisements to online platforms (search engines, forums, social media networks, etc.).

If you want to diversify your audience, you must learn to diversify your means of advertisement. Are you only known online or is your presence known offline as well? Have you explored the many offline options that are available to you?

Some commonly overlooked forms of advertisement are t-shirts, hats, coffee mugs, refrigerator magnets, etc. When advertising your blog or your brand in general, the trick is to try to give people things that they will not throw away. In addition, if you advertise on things that people need they will see your blog’s name whenever they use these things.

In order to get ahead in any industry, especially blogging you must be proactive. We live in a technological world so you must always be ready for change.

There is a fairly new form of advertising that marries the technological world with a more traditional form of advertising called a QR code. QR codes are becoming increasingly more effective in terms of advertising.

A QR code is a special bar code that consumers can scan. After scanning the code, they will go directly to your blog. These codes can be placed in books, newspapers, etc. this is a great form of advertisement because your audience can learn more about you and your blog without having to write anything down. All they have to do is scan your blog’s QR code via their smart phone.

There is also a way to advertise through businesses. For instance, if you offer a restaurant 1,000 free napkins for their use, you can put your blog address on those napkins and essentially all you are paying for is the cost to print the napkins. The restaurant gets free supplies and YOU get “free” advertisement, it is a win-win! This also works for other restaurant (or other business) supplies. You can try things like place mat ads, cups, stationary, etc. Keep in mind that you can also place your blog’s QR codes on these forms of advertising as well.

Whether you decide to market your blog on or offline, remember to diversify. Do not put all of your eggs in one basket. While you do want to appeal to your target audience, you should always find a way to attract a fresh pool of readers.

Happy blogging!


Photos used courtesy of:

Salvatore Vuono