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Why Should I Be Link Building?

Guest post by Ann Michaels

Link building, when done correctly, can be a great way to gain referral traffic and authority for your blog.

There are a few ways to get this done.  Some people might prefer to use SEO services, but here we will focus on link building through guest posting, and the proper ways to go about it.


While you can guest post on a completely irrelevant blog with a link back to your website – what kind of click through rate do you think there will actually be? How many people do you think will actually take a look at your fishing website when you’re writing on a site about…oh, architecture? The answer is pretty close to nil.

When looking for other blogs to guest post on, then, you want to focus on blogs that you and your community would actually read and pay attention to, would comment on – articles that you would be proud to cross promote, not just put in a box in the corner in your head excusing the poor quality of the article – “Oh, I needed to do that for link building so more people will see my site. It doesn’t matter.”

But it does! And if you write a travel guest post on a travel blog about your travel website – think about all the potential there! Which brings us to the second point of…


Audience. Guest posting is a great way to reach a new audience and engage them. It’s more relevant, engrossing and informative – and you will come off in, generally, a much better light. Readers will want to hear what else you have to say, and will usually make an effort to follow where you lead them. (This is assuming you follow advice #1 and actually post somewhere relevant.)


Along the lines of the audience you’re targeting, there is community. Similar concept, but different angle. Take a look at the blog you would like to write on. How often do people comment on an article, and are the comments typically positive or negative? How often are articles posted? When was the most recent article posted? The engagement of the community can help spread your article – there is such a thing as ‘word of mouth’ online. Commenting on blogs with the new CommentLuv premium plugin is a great way to leverage community participation.

Page Authority and Back Links

This is something that you will hear thrown around a lot in the world of link bulding, and it is something to consider when looking for places to guest post – but by no means do you need to give it the importance that everyone else seems to.  Of course, you want a blog with high PR backlinks, but would you rather have a guest post on a relevant blog with an active community but only 300 backlinks, or an article on an irrelevant blog with over 3,000 links?

The answer should be obvious. (For those who are playing along at home, the answer is the former). Page authority and back links will only take you so far – relevancy (especially with the new Panda addition to Googles algorithm) is much more of a long-term investment.

These are a few things that everyone should keep in mind when they’re looking for a way to get more exposure and authority for their own websites through guest posting. It isn’t just about the technical aspects of links and page rank – consider the situation from a more organic perspective.

Ann Michaels stumbles across the web finding everything from outdoor nativity sets and Christmas trees to Elmo and manga and world news. She loves the diversity of the digital world and discovering new things every day.