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Link Building Strategy For 2012

It’s already 2012 and times are certainly changing in the field of link building and SEO in general.

Many of the traditional methods will continue to bear fruit, however alterations in the cyber landscape need to be navigated in an effective way.

Failing to adapt will simply leave your website behind the steady rate of advancement.

Though there has been many different search engines in the past years, Google reigns as the top dog. It is safe to conclude that Google will not be going anywhere in the foreseeable future. Now we see other contenders that have started to make an impact on Google’s user base. Bing and Blekko are two such search engines.

As those two search engines make meaningful gains we come to realize that we cannot solely focus on Google and their PageRank. Link building strategies have to aim more towards quality websites as opposed to what Google says is quality. Plenty of opportunities abound.

Social media websites will continue to be huge.

Facebook, Linkedin, and Twitter all still receive an appreciable amount of traffic. Not only do they provide easy socialization with potential customers, but they can be tapped to help develop meaningful contacts with similar minded businesses or customers. With the millions of people visiting social media websites, every business should involved in one or two of them.

Mobile apps are making an impact on websites in a big way.

Namely, they make it easy for people with the appropriate apps to not have to visit a website. This isn’t an incredibly worrying trend but one does want to consider not putting their faith all into one strategy. The wider spread of activities you have to get your website seen ensures that a negative impact on one or two legs will not collapse the entire structure.

Diversity is a key to link building success as we move into 2012.

Twitter will turn out to be an incredibly useful social media website for link-building moving forward. Bing and Google both already draw on a number of different factors from social media websites to factor into the relevance of a website. It has been revealed that links propagated through Twitter will be factored into determining the overall rank. These ratings will come into play greater with options such as Bing’s Social Search though they have been confirmed to contribute to regular results.

Fielding a blog is often viewed as a great way to help build authority and relevance.

Link-building from a blog also works well because you can offer a variety of topics in a given subject. A current trend that is being seen is the departure of visitors from websites, and subsequently blogs, in favor of utilizing mobile app data. That does not mean these areas should be overlooked.

A great way to build relevance and reach is volunteer guest posting on other blogs.

Finding them is not all that difficult, simply ask on the social media website you participate in if anyone would like to host an unique article from you. Return the favor. Network!

2012 is going to be an exciting year to watch the development of these technologies come into full bloom. Social media is going to be a vital location to get involved with for building a quality, authoritative web presence.

Many people have a hard time seeing the use of a website like Twitter. A person can say a lot with a 140 characters. It gives you just enough space to pose a tantalizing question with a link to your article about the answer. That is one of many excellent resource to tap with the importance being placed on social media by search engines.

So, what’s your link building strategy for 2012?  What strategies have I left out?