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Laptop or Desktop? Which One Should a Blogger Use?

Guest post by Ajeet

Editor’s Note:  While I mostly use my laptop, I periodically use my desktop – since I’ve found it to be faster.  But what can beat the mobility of a laptop?  Why pass up a chance to work at Chick-Fil-A while my five year plays on the indoor playground?  What’s your preference?

To use a laptop or a desktop when you are a blogger is an important question to have answered.  As a blogger you are going to be spending a lot of time with your computer and having the right one could be the difference between being a successful blogger or not.  Laptops and desktop share a lot of similarities with each other but it is the differences that will help you determine which one is the best one for you.

Advantages and Disadvantages of a Laptop

The greatest advantage of using a laptop is the fact that they are mobile and you can take them anywhere.  Laptops have become so compact in size that you can literally take your laptop with you everywhere you go.  More public locations are offering internet services enabling you to set your laptop up almost anywhere and start blogging away.  This allows you to blog in any comfortable setting that you choose.

While portability does have its advantages, you will also be restricted on time.  Your laptop’s battery will only provide you with several hours of power and will then shut down.  Many bloggers can tell you how their laptop ran out of power in the middle of their blogging.

The compact size too, while being great for travel has some disadvantages.  With a smaller size computer also come slower service and less storage on your hard drive.  The small size will also prove to put your laptop at greater risk to be damaged by falling or spilling something on it as well as a greater chance of being stolen.

Advantages and Disadvantages of a Desktop

Desktop computers have been around the longest and are still considered to be the faster computer.  Since there is no battery with a desktop, you will always have uninterrupted service without the chance of the computer running out of power.  Desktops also offer more memory on their hard drive allowing you to save and store a larger volume of information.

Desktops may reduce the chance of the power dying out on you in the middle of your blog but they are also bigger and bulkier.  Desktops are not mobile but are stationary to the location they are set up at.  While they can be moved around within your home or office, it would be very time consuming and impractical to do this on a regular basis.

Which One Should a Blogger Use?

Now that we looked at the advantages and disadvantages of both the laptop and the desktop, the important question still remains; which one should a blogger use?  When you look at the needs of a blogger, the laptop seems to be able to offer all of the features they need.  Mobility is the most important feature and depending on your blog having the ability to blog instantly no matter where you are may be a necessity.

Although they do not offer the same speed and storage capacity as a desktop, these features may not be very important to a blogger.  Most laptops will have adequate speed.  Where they lack in storage, blogs data can be stored on the internet and can be backed up on an external hard drive.  Knowing all of the information, a laptop would be the better choice for a blogger.

Ajeet Khurana writes about topics such as finding a hootsuite alternative and make money online software on his technology blogs.