Lack of Inspiration? 11 Different Types Of Articles You Can Write On Your Blog

Do you know what is the best way to keep your readers happy? Give them interesting and useful stuff to read !

Yeah, it’s easy to say.

Every self-respecting blogger wants to be appreciated and to be able to always hit the right cut to give to their posts.

You know, those articles that make you proud to have written and make you jump for joy when you see them mentioned and featured elsewhere in the blogosphere.

Is it a matter of natural talent, inspirations or any other variable?

Up to you decide.

I propose you eleven different types of posts you can write in your blog. I want to share them with you.

1. Original Post

The original post, in the sense of “written in your own handwriting,” is probably the first type of articles you decide to write for your blog.

Although you can write original posts above all at the beginning of your blog, also in the future you will continue to write about a topic in which you are knowledgeable.

Remember this kind of post will continue to keep you company until your blog will have life.

2. Reviews

Every blogger has precise interests. Begin to find and then review services in line with the target of your blog.

This kind of article is wrong considered faster to write than the original post, but just think that a good review does not include writing a handful of platitudes on a service that is known by everyone in your market, but rather a rich research phase before and meticulous development of these results later.

3. Tutorial

The famous “How To“!

You are probably already some kind of expert in this field. Whether it is the most advanced programming software or just an apple pie recipe, you probably have at your disposal all the material to write a good tutorial.

In this type of article, you just need to rearrange the ideas, put them in a logical order with the supporting materials.

4 . Meme

Sometimes it’s just fun to take part in the initiatives that are born and move entirely on the blogosphere. The meme, in short.

Then being transported writing does not require a lot of effort and allow you to get away from your usual routine.

The meme is also the only type of article that you should write without too much trouble, getting out of your frequency of posting schedule.

5 . Lists

The lists are everywhere. Any blog has some list posts.

You can compose a list of useful software, a list of bloggers to follow, a list of your favorite plugins, a list of Twitter accounts to follow.

Everything can be put on the list as long as there are enough elements similar to each other.

6 . Interviews

Everyone wants to talk about what interests them. And from time to time the person speaking may not be you.

Select a great list of good questions and propose an interview to popular bloggers in your niche.

You will earn an alternative view to yours and the respondent will be known in a new segment of readers, other than being featured in your blog.

If you are properly motivated, why not try to interview a big name in your niche? The results may surprise you.

7 . Selection of Resources

It is included into this growing type of article the selection of applications, web services, resources freeware, etc.

It involves to master very well the resources listed and a good reactivity in evaluating the “hot” issues.

8 . Pre-post

This type of post will be useful if you usually plan well in advance the topics you intend to treat during the following month.

You can easily draw attention to a hot topic on which you plan to spend a lot of time, starting to advance the issues, in order to test the reactions of your readers.

As the final article is published, you really should go back on the pre-posts and update them with the correct URL now present.

9 . Case Study

For almost everything that is out there, you can develop a case study. So take a little time and analyzes an important fact in your niche.

Sometimes retrace the experiences of others is a great way to focus the attention of your readers on ingenious solutions in particular fields.

10 . Guest Post

The guest post is viewed as a strategy of marketing with great benefits for both the writer and the blog owner (if you are able to give high quality content, I should add!).

You can start to offer your users to write guest post by defining a customized page in your blog, containing the basic guidelines to follow (such as article length, images, links and anything else you think appropriate), or go hunting yourself hidden talents that you would never, ever contacted independently.

11 . Personal Stories

Everyone like stories.

With a good story, you can drag the reader into the middle of the discussion. And with a great story, you can tell personal experiences with an analytical eye.

Tell your personal story to support the topic of the day is a great way to keep your readers engaged.

Which are your favorite types of posts? Do you think something is missing in this list?

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