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Is Your Lack of Coding Skills Holding you Back from Building a Website?

Because I’m always talking about blogging, I often get caught off guard by people who are looking for guidance about creating a website.  They often want to know how to do it themselves to spare the costly expense of paying a web designer.  But many of them don’t fully understand the coding aspects, and are really just confused about where to begin.

For the longest, many of them have let these roadblocks keep them from setting up their website in the first place.  When I tell them that there are websites, like Talk Spot where they can build their own website and use pre-built templates, they often want to kick themselves for waiting so long.

TalkSpot was founded in 2001, and is run by one of the industry’s most successful computer pioneers, Ken Williams.

What differentiates this website builder from the rest?

It’s easy to build and easy to use:
You can build a website on your own at your pace without having any knowledge of website development as it doesn’t require knowledge of coding. New features are added every Thursday, at no extra cost.  Users can even backup their website, and store multiple backups, easily, and with no extra cost.

Pre-built templates and facility for swapping at anytime:
Talkspot websites are hosted on Dell Servers, using Microsoft Windows Server, and SQL Databases.  It consists of about 200 pre-built templates , and over 50 color themes.  There’s also a facility of swapping templates and themes anytime and users have the ability to directly edit webpage html, if desired.

You can edit at anytime and no tools required:
Users can make changes to a website at anytime and there is no need learn about complicated tools.  Built in image editing tools, for cropping, color tweaking, rotating, resizing are already provided to make it easier to enhance the design.

Powerful blog capability with powerful SEO tools:
It’s easy to add a blog to your website that can be easily distributed through RSS feed, website and email.  Talk Spot is also working to launch an the capability to post blog entries directly through iPads and iPhones .

The  powerful seo Tools include:
Talk spot helps site map creation, setting  page titles individually , creating search engine friendly links, helps in controlling search engine descriptions on every image on website and setting meta tags. Talk spot websites are easy to integrate with Google analytics and Google webmaster tools.

Ability to create buttons in minutes for your website:
Talk spot helps you develop a website with all of the features you want in just minutes.  You can build an online store, that has the ability to accept Paypal, Amazon and Credit card payments.  You can add donation or payment buttons to any page on website.

Facility to add advanced widgets to any page of your website:
Talk spot also provides advanced widgets, such as website calendar, map, message board, instant surveys, blogs, rss feeds etc any of which can be added to any page of your website.

Talkspot believes in customer satisfaction:
Talk spot website has awesome customer support.  All communications between customers and the service department are tracked and documented.  Talk spot also offers a live chat component to help customers in solve issues quickly.

Right now they are offering a free 30 day trial, so if you’ve been wanting to build a website, now it’s easier and more affordable than ever.