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Is There Something Missing On Your Blog?

Day 41 - Feb 10 2008‘Something missing on my blog?’

‘What can she mean?’

My blog’s fine as it is!’

I know…

Your blog might be fine as it is…

Or… is there something missing?

Let’s look at how you got to where you are today.

  •  One Upon A Time….
you are a writer. You love writing stories, you write a Journal, send loads of emails.
You love to keep in touch with people. Writing is your ‘thing’. One day you might write a book!
  • Then you discover ‘blogs’.
You find one by accident while searching the web. A bit like an on-line journal. Just up your street.
Perhaps you could have one? Can’t be too difficult, can it?
  • You can hardy wait to get started.
You start collecting ideas.
You read lots of blogs and gain some insights, like which ones hold your interest and why.
You spend hours designing your site, then re-designing it, uploading header images, testing out Flickr pics, even commenting on other people’s blogs.
You write your first post.
  • You press Publish!
You bravely send your first posts out into the blogosphere, as you discover it’s called, and…. wait.
The day comes when people start to leave comments, you even collect some subscribers.
But there’s still something missing…. you know it, but you can’t put your finger on it.
  • You do lots of research.
You start following top ‘How To’ sites like this one, make lots of notes, bookmark endless pages.
You scratch your head (well, sort of) trying to come up with the missing ingredient.
What do all these successful blogs have that yours doesn’t?
Suddenly it comes to you. It’s not so much a ‘light bulb’ moment, more a gradual realisation.
The missing ingredient is this -
Using Your Unique Voice.
All  successful blogs are
  • different,
  • they stand out from the crowd,
  • offering ‘insanely useful‘ content,
  • speaking/writing to you  in their unique, natural voice. 
This is what you must do…
  • You must find and use your blogging voice.
  • You must be brave enough to speak to your readers in the same way you speak off line.
  • Your writing style will be yours and yours alone.
  • You will know what your readers want from you.
  • You will relate to your readers in your unique way.
  • You will provide what they want, in the way that’s right for them.
I am in the process of giving my ‘other blog’ a Creative Makeover, inspired by a Spectacular Review by a revered blogger.
This has made me examine my blog in great detail and as a result, it will be filled with new energy.
Most important of all, I will be discovering my uniqueness, my own voice and how to relate to my readers.
Unless I do all of this, my blog will simply be - just another Personal Development Blog….
Your turn…
In the comments,
  • Do you feel there’s anything missing on your blog?
  • Where are you on your blogging adventure?
  • What discovery has helped you to improve and develop your blog the most?